Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Think it's a little too soon for this?? Well, considering I used to be one of those, that would try and set a new year's resolution, only to forget about it, drop it, whatever, by like February. lol True story. I just don't get into because if I wanted to stop or start doing something, I might as well do it, right? Like I'm gonna eat healthier this year...sooo when 2013 comes, it's all junk food, high processed foods, sugar, etc? LOL I mean, I should ease into it.  Maybe saying I'd like to lose abot 7 lbs.  OK, so I have a whole year to figure out how to lose 7 lbs, then KEEP those 7 lbs off. :)

SO, Resolution 2012, is not weight loss, but let's cross our fingers, it is the year of working out my business plan and figuring out when to open. NO JOKE folks. This HAS to happen.  Finacials need updating, vendors need updating and contacting, designs, plans, locations, etc.  This is what will be happening in 2012. Along with two jobs, a wedding I'm in, hopefully a VACATION :/, and Lord knows what else! :) BUT in the midst of "life", this business is a FO SHO thing!
I'm probably gonna need a little help though. Maybe some motivation when it starts getting to hard and complicated for this chica? When the stress levels go absolutely bonkers! (they already do now, daily) and just in general encouragement ;) AND then you all have to come in for a visit! and maybe buy something :) You decide, I'm sure I'll have something you are gonna LOVE!

2012 is gonna be a WONDERFUL year!! :) I'm excited for things to come! Excitement, surprises, new things, who knows!! Let's do it! Now, I just have to somehow figure out how to survive through the holiday's and figure out Christmas gifts. I hate it. Seriously, I love being with family, I love opening gifts on Christmas, but is is STRESSFUL yo! AND you are reading the blog of THE WORST present buyer, like, EVER. I suck at it! pardon my french. It is ridiculous. I am not creative, or when I am, it's at the absolute wrong time, it's just hard. And I do not to crowds well. I get total anxiety, well ok, my anxiety gets worse, like need meds worse, and I get all clostraphobic and people are mean!! Down right nasty! Like, hello! Santa better be bringing you COAL in your stocking!

So, prayers, happy thoughts, whatever ya got! Throw them this way torwards Kentucky.  I could use em! And be sure to let me know if you need some back! I'm happy to share with all you lovlies!!
And just to give you a little smile to get through the week! I thought this was pretty funny :) Maybe this is why I always used to skimp out on resolutions...Just kiddin'. Everyone can use a little change! It's a good thing, promise! Open doors to tons of happiness and opportunity if you just let it. Don't dwell on those things you cannot control. It'll wear ya down to a bitter, unhappy person.

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