Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Introvert vs. Extrovert

While I'm away in Wisconsin for a few days, I'm going to post some older posts.  Hope you enjoy!!
I wrote this July 16, 2010

I am fascinated by the idea of introvert vs. extrovert. It’s absolutely amazing how people interact with others and where they get their energy from.
Most commonly, introverts are said to get energy from themselves. They don’t need to be in large groups or a high stimulated area. They need time to themselves to recharge and get their thoughts together.On the other hand, extroverts love being around large groups of people. They feel ‘high’ and draw energy from others.I’ve taken numerous tests to determine personality type, introvert/extrovert, professional career tests, and all have concluded that I am extremely introverted. Well, honestly, I could have told you that without all those tests.But, here is a neat quick test to see if you are an introvert.
The higher your score, the more introverted you are. I scored a 20. Yup, that’s right! Could I be more introverted??
But most people I know, would never guess off hand that I was introverted. I’ve learned from experience how to interact with others. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to make others feel more comfortable. I love being around people, but that’s not something I would choose if I were tired. That wouldn’t make me perk up and become full of energy. In fact, it would probably make me extremely drained and come across very reserved. But sometimes you’ve got to just face the music and get over it.
Example: After a days work, 8-9 hours around people, even though I have an enclosed office, I can become exhausted! The best way to regroup and be ready for a night out, meetings, dinner with family or friends, I need a moment of silence, so to say. I need 30 minutes to just be quiet, play with my puppy, watch the news, go for a walk/run. Then I’m ready again to face people.
It kind of sounds crazy, but example,  a week or so ago I had worked all day, went home, grabbed my dog, headed over to my parents, and had a party for my Church. Around 17 people, talking all at once, playing games, having a good time. There was not a lot of time to relax and regroup, so by 10:00 I was absolutely drained! and totally ready to get out of there. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t having a good time, that I didn’t like the people there or enjoy their company. It just meant that a 15 hour day of constant stimulation, wore me out!
It’s amazing, because I work with extreme extroverts and have friends who are. In fact, one of my best friends always thought I was a stuck up snob in high school because I rarely talked to new people and kept to myself, other than my group of friends. Once she got to know me, she realized I was the exact opposite. That, I just hated being in the spotlight, and enjoyed a small group of people that know me, rather than 50 who don’t.
So are you an introvert or an extrovert? Take the test and find out. There are tons of studies on this and each one is more fascinating than the next…

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