Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

30 years ago today, my lovely parents were married! They been amazing parents to my sister and I, gave us probably more than we deserve, but also taught us to be grateful and independent, loving and supportive, silly and fun.

Thank you both for raising two pretty good daughters! lol We've been to more states than I can remember, given opportunities that some may never have, always a roof over our heads, a pantry so full our friends thought we were a grocery store, good times and great family.  You allowed us to grow into our own selves and never put us down. You've helped us through moving to different states, making new friends, heartaches and let downs, sports, sickness, joy, and growing up.  You've allowed us to move forward with our lives, but continue to share in creating more memories.  You comforted us and taught us. You read to us and cried with us. You were at every soccer game, lacrose game, choir concert, and school event.  You bought us new school supplies, clothes for the year and tons of 'prizes' along the way.  You've showed us the world and what love can do.  You've supported our dreams and life ambitions and you've been there through a marriage and grandchild.  Let's hope for continued happiness, support, love, and many more years to come! :) I love you both! Happy Anniversary!

My sis's wedding, June 2010 :)

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Carly Ann said...

it's so good to see kids talk about their parents like that. i feel the same way about my parents. they've been married going on 24 years. they've always loved and supported me through everything. i could go on & on, but you know what it's like to have amazing parents. God has blessed us. this post was so sweet.