Saturday, October 15, 2011

Funny, but TRUE Story!

I almost forgot this story. Pretty sure I about peed my pants when he was telling me all this! LOL

So, a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, even though certain people reading know exactly who I'm a talking about! lol), had to go to traffic school recently. Well, apparently anyone can get their license these days...just sayin'. There were a few 'interesting' characters I heard about and had to share :)

Candidate #1: 75 year old man getting a ticket....why you might ask? For going 120! That's right, one hundred twenty miles an hour. Apparently, he just wasn't thinking, his mind was off in lala land and didn't realize he was going so fast! WHAT? And even better? In all his years, he's NEVER had a speeding ticket! LOL It's crazy...and unbelievable

Candidate #2: Instructor asks a young girl why she was in the class? She says she was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign, but she didn't understand why and kept telling the office, it was a 'white bordered' stop sign. Hmm... What does that mean, you ask? Well, apparently ALL white bordered stop signs, you may roll through! It's the law! If they have a white border on them, it's fair game to roll and not completely stop. Sounds legit, maybe. Well, if you've EVER actually seen a stop sign, THEY ALL HAVE WHITE BORDERS! LOL Some friend of hers is friends with a cop and he told her that all white bordered stop signs, you are allowed to roll through! HA OMG, I do NOT want to be on the roads when she is driving...
I was dying laughing listening to this.

Finally, Candidate #3: This one is too funny...So, after the instructor hears the nonsense from Candidate #2, he says that it's almost as bad as this guy from a previous class., who told him about the 10 car rule. I mean, duh! Shouldn't the instructor of a traffic class, know this?? Well, apparently, there is a rule, that after a light turns red, 10 cars are allowed to go. 10....TEN cars are allowed to go through a red light. Hmm...yeah, sit on that one a bit. Maybe that's why there are so many accidents at intersections?! Nobody's been informed of this new rule! Guess I better start counting cars! Sheesh!
And these people are out in the world driving heavy machinery....I think I might just start staying inside and never driving again...

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot this one! So, the unnamed friend, stated above, gets to the class, sits down, and someone comes and sit next to him. Guy says, why are you here? Friend says, well, me and a friend robbed a bank, my friend got away, but the cop clocked me at about 92...Guy says, NO WAY!! That's crazy dude! lol

 Friend laughs, and finally says he was just kidding. haha like this guy actually believe that they robbed a bank!! LOL Oh my goodness...

Needless to say, I had a pretty good laugh there for a few minutes hearing all of this :)

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