Friday, October 14, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Link it up with Ashlyn at My Unrehearsed Life! (Click pic below to see her blog! :))

1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was: Is it bad I can't think of one moment? I feel so on the spot! I try to put other first, always. yes, sometimes my selfishness gets in the way, but I strive everyday to make everyone around me happy. Doing little things, always having people in my mind, praying for them, helping them, loving on them, listening to them...I would hope that people in my life see that they can lean and trust in me to always drop what I'm doing to help with anything they would need!
2. When it comes to working out: I have been a total and complete spaz...I am stressing and need to get back into the routine! I am planning on running the 10K Turkey Trot for the YMCA, so I'm an all over getting back into shape. THIS chick is getting squishy...

3. A woman should always: Be classy and presentable. BAHA :) I kid, I kid. No, but seriously. I'm a little bit old fashion. I like being perceived as a woman. Someone who takes care of herself, is independent, and a bit classy. Someone who can kick back and be silly, but knows when to be professional.
4. I wish I could Teleport (just like Ashlyn lol) and then I'd be able to go anywhere quickly and I could travel a ton of places in a short amount of time :) It'd be like cloning me! I could get so much more done!!
5. A best friend is: someone who is there for you always. Whether you talk everyday or go days/weeks without a conversation. Someone who knows when you are down and can pick you up.  Listens without judgement and knows when to offer advice. Someone who would drop everything to lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent :) Someone who understands you and in and out and still loves you anyway. Someone who knows your secrets and doesn't use them against you. Someone with probably the most blackmail anyone could have, but would never use it. Someone who instead of calling them to bail you out, they are sitting next to you laughing about the night ;) lol And that's all just a start of who a best friend is :) I've got a couple of these and I would be lost in this world without them!!!

6. I can't get enough of: My little peanuts kisses!! :) LOL, my new little nephew! :) miss his little monkey butt!, piterest, my blog, reality TV, snuggles with my honey, my family! My love up in Boston and my other love in Northern Kentucky!, jewelry, scarves, WINTER! Boots, prayers(I started a prayer blog a while ago, I don't keep it up nearly as much as I'd like, but it's gonna happen soon!), sunshine, leaves, nail I sound a little crazy? Materialistic with the fashion? :/ I guess I can't get enough hope. Hope of an amazing HAPPY future :)
7. This weekend I am: Welp, Matthew just asked me if I wanted to go to  Trimble County High School football game! Umm, sure?! :) His cousins are in the marching band so we'll go show our support and see them! Haven't been to a High School anything in oooooohhh, 8 years? WHOA! That makes me feel old...and that IF I really went to stuff my Senior year...this girl has a horrible memory. Not sure what that dealio is, but oh well. Should be a good time ;)
OH and I'm puppy sitting for my parents dogs too! Maxantor LOVES his aunties to visit and stay. It's like a sleep over! They all crack me up and Max totally tries to play with them and be like, Hey this is my house! That's right, my toys! and his aunties look at him, like WHO cares...we just like to sleep, thanks :)

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