Friday, October 7, 2011


So since I am wish the chick that hooked me on coffee, this week. It only seems necessary to post my coffee blog from August 19, 2010 ;) I tend to try new coffees a lot I don't stick to Foldgers.  Eight O'clock is pretty tasty!

I must first thank my good ‘ole friend/sister, Kelly Coopman for this.  The most precious gift someone has given me! lol  Just kidding…kind of.
Anyway, I figured it was time to write a little love story about coffee.  I mean, I drink tons of it everyday and it’s been my best friend for years now! Even when I don’t need it, it’s right there, waiting for me to take a sip.  Never judging or laughing at me (well, I’m sure it’s laugh a time or two when I spill it on my white shirts…), never letting my carafe run dry…
My day is just not complete without my beautiful cup of coffee! Now, what makes it more fun, is I LOVE, LOVE funky mugs! I absolutely think they are the greatest thing ever! I have a cupboard full of random mugs.  Some are festive with holiday themes, other are just colored or shaped a little different, others still have sayings and quotes. I, of course, have matching mugs to my dinner plates, but it just doesn’t seem right.  I like mixing it up! Never knowing which saying, color, etc I am going to drink out of today! Makes me smile :)   I think my coffee enjoys the variety too.

So, when I first started drinking coffee, it was on a cruise BTW, I think Kelly put in enough cream and sugar to completely turn the coffee this light tan color.  What?! Coffee is black and there is a reason for that…it should be drank that way!  I soon discovered I did not like all that fancy crap in my coffee. Black, please! No sugar, no cream, no nothing…I consider it low maintenance :)
Now, I have worked at Starbucks. Surprised?! Well, you shouldn’t be ’cause if you knew how much I loved coffee, you’d think I was crazy.  But I’m not one of those that buys all these exotic beans from faraway lands, orders coffee online, or even knows that much about the different types of beans and brews.
I’m a Foldgers girl.  What can I say?! “The best part of waking up, is Foldgers in your cuuupp!!!” See, it just makes you smile :)   I wish I did know more though and that I had a grinder.  Sometimes I’ll see some neat types of beans and want to buy them, but them I have to find a grinder, and who knows what’s good and what’s not?  Guess I’ll add that to my list to research…
So needless to say, if I’m brewing coffee?  It’s black.  Plain as day, perfect exactly the way God intended it to be.
But, I’m also a latte girl.  I love me some latte!!! Hot or cold, depends on my mood :) BUT, I love an extra shot to keep that delicious bitter taste! I know, I’m crazy…I was born this way.  Most have learned to accept it…other’s?! Well, in due time they shall come to realize the awesomeness of my craziness!
I will drink my coffee, in the morning, afternoon, evening.  Sometimes, it’s a nice little snack in the day! Now, I am one of those that will ‘switch’ to decaf after a certain hour.  We all know how I get when I have very little sleep.  Last thing I need is to be up all night wired on caffeine!! :)
It’s calming.  At least for me.  I love cool times of the year, walking out to my car with a warm cup of coffee.  Sitting snuggled under a blanket with a book and a steamy cup.  It’s fabulous!!!
Okay, okay.  I know. You’re over my whole coffee sh peel…
So, tell me how you like your coffee?!

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