Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ask Me

So sometimes I don't want to know things, so I tend not to ask questions.  There are those people that OVER share, so at times, there is no need for anyone to ask questions lol
Other times, I want to know everything so I ask a million questions lol...Usually from those that I'm closest to; people I care so much about I want to make sure they are happy and getting what they deserve.

It's ironic because most the people I care about are really good at asking questions...even it's it's just in a text.  And then there are those that make themselves believe they are overstepping boundaries; that if they ask even the simplest question, they'll seem nosy or prying on your life. 

I'm a pretty open person, if I trust you.  I don't mind sharing stories with you, telling you about my past, my fears, my worries, my ambitions, etc.  I want to let you into who I am and what makes me, me; and I want to know all those things about you...

It can be frustrating though, because the people you think would want to know everything and show they care; don't always do that. Who knows.  I guess sometimes I get stuck in the middle.  I find myself sharing too much and probably making conversations all about me, while other times I'll go days without saying much.

It's not that I don't want to share, it's more of just how I'm feeling that day.  Remember posts of emotions? Yeah, I can be a pretty emotional person sometimes and that plays against me and for me; so I guess I should try to embrace that.  There are days when I just don't want to say much and there are days when I can't stop talking LOL :) 

It's just a you ask those people you care about questions about their life or do they tell you everything you need to know? Or maybe you need to start sharing more? But then it plays off the reaction...Sometimes you get one where they just don't seem interested, right? So why tell them things when they really don't seem to want to hear it in the first place? Or maybe as long as you are telling them, regardless if they want to hear, they'll walk away happy that at least you shared a little piece of you with them that they can take and sit on.  Some piece of you that will stay in their mind; make them think; make them understand; make them open up and see...

When I'm stressed out, I tend to under share...I tend to shut down a little bit and not talk as much about stuff, but it's not because I don't want to or that I'm trying to hide things, it's just how I cope sometimes with life.  I get quiet, I consume myself in my own thoughts, emotions, daily routines...till I've let myself think it through, let myself release certain feelings to the point where I either walk away from it or talk about it, but talk about it at a more mature level.  One where I can see both perspectives or one where I find myself laughing at the silliness of my reactions or emotions.  

Who knows...I was just thinking the other day about who I share more with; who asks me things all the time; who doesn't.  Who can tell me I'm being ridiculous or who can just be supportive and listen; let me vent emotions; let me release pure joy! I mean, I'm not talking about always needing someone to ask if I'm down or frustrated.  I'm talking about life in general.  Wanting to hear the amazing things going on as well as the not so amazing; knowing that they want to know the good and the bad, but not in a judgmental way.

Eh, I'm totally just rambling like a crazy for thought though, right?  Do you take the initiative to ask questions whether someone is down or up?

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