Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It has been crazy long since I've done an ABC blog!! SO, here goes!! :) Enjoy...

A - Anyone know how to get me back motivated to run regularly again??? :/ This girl is in desparate need to get back in shape!!
B - Bridesmaids = Hilarious movie!
C - Come on next Wednesday! I get to go to Green Bay, WI :)
D - Ditto's is an amazing restaurant! I haven't been there in forever! Must. Go. Soon!
E - Eating habits have gone downhill. blah
F -Fantabulous, is one of my favorite words
G - I desperately want to find an awesome giraffee picture to hang above my bed!!
H -"Haaaave ya met Ted??" - LOL How I Met Your Mother
I -  Insecurities...nough said
J - Getting caught jammin' while driving....alone...= embarrassing!! lol
K -Ketchup, is a staple in my house lol and I think I always use K's for ketchup! haha
L - Laundry is piling up...guess I know one thing that will be happening tomorrow...
M - Monkey (aka Lucas, my nephew) is almost 3 weeks old! Crazy how time flies by!
N - New boots, leggings, sweaters...are a MUST
O - Opening my stores WILL happen in the next 5 years :)
P - Painting my nails has officially become an addiction...it's sad, really.
Q - Quadtec is apparently a company...no idea what they do, just say their name on a box delivered at work lol No fun words start with the letter Q.
R - Ready to head to Wisconsin for a fun few days off!! :)
S - This no shopping thing, for one month, is kind of killing me! lol All this new fall stuff out!!
T - T - 1 day and I'll be in my birth state, Wisconsin!! :) With my sister from another mother!
U -
V -Being vain will get you no where and honestly is just a way to mask deeper insecurities...
W - White wine, kind of makes me sick... blah Too sweet!
X - X-rays freak me out...
Y - Yuppers, has been a constant word in my vocab lately...don't worry, I"ll find a new word soon enough to replace it.
Z - I really want to try Zaxby's! Anyone ever eaten there?? I hear they have good food!

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