Monday, September 12, 2011


So after being up for, oh like 20-22 hours? We were all a little tired, me and my parents went back to my sisters last night about 7:30 or so. Got ourselves in comfy clothes, ate a little snack and just collapsed on the couch.  My brother in law, Barret, aka daddy :) Came home around 9ish? Gave us the update on how things were going and he was ready to pass out.  Well, he took out his dogs one last time and....
YAY, one of them got sprayed by a skunk!! As if the events of the day didn't hold enough emotion, this was like a little punch in the stomach. So we quickly reacted, dad and I went to wal-mart for some peroxide, we rushed home and made a certain solution, Google=amazingness, and I helped Barrett give her a little bath outside...I mean it was gagginling gross. 
Our first dog got sprayed right in the face! And, lesson learned now, my mom ran her inside freaking out and took her all through the house all the way upstairs to my sister and I's tub for a bath.  Yeah, I think we had the windows and doors open for WEEKS trying to get that smell out. O.M.G. and that dog stunk every single time she was wet! 
So then one of the girls now, Molli, was the lucky one to get sprayed a few years ago.  Thankfully, no house run throughs occurred ;) lol 
But, this was not what Barrett needed and a tired new daddy.  Lucy has spent the night in the garage, airing out :) haha 
Goooooooodddd times!!!! 

Now it's a day of hospital visiting and working on the side! YEAH!

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