Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

Thought I would do a link up today :) Just feeling sassy, I guess! Here goes!!
It's called, It's OK Thursday!

It's OK...

- that I honestly can't leave the house without making my bed

- it's ok that I have to eat things in even numbers...i.e. m&m's, tick tacs, etc.

- it's ok that I am a total call screener. If I don't know the number, I usually don't answer. If they know me, they'll leave a message! lol

- it's ok to love your fur child a little too much at times. i.e. buy him a toy almost everytime I go to the grocery lol

- it's ok, that I have to 'fluff' the pillows on the couch every night before I go to bed

- it's ok, that I can't have dishes left out on the counter before I go to bed

- it's ok that I fell naked without a watch on daily

- it's ok that I catch myself watching ABC family movies A LOT! lol

- it's ok that I count down hours till my next meal

- it's ok that I might have a small case of OCD, don't like to walk on cracks and many, many other quirks!

- it's ok that I like to buy my boyfriend dinner :) We aren't living in the 50's, girls can contribute!

- it's ok that I have an obsession with cardigans (don't judge)

- it's ok that I watch reality TV religiously - actually it's kind of sad, but that's not the theme of this blog lol

- it's ok that I haven't run in like 2 weeks - i'm not stressing over that AT ALL :/

Now, go link up yourself!! Tell me your 'it's ok's!'

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