Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dumpster Diving

Last night, because Matthew is just that kind of guy, he went to the grocery store with me :) He's done it before, and it turns out to be a good time lol I think he is probably amazed at the amount of food I buy for one person ha and the fact that I eat most of it by myself is kind of ridiculous. My pantry right now, could totally feed a family of about 4...sad, I know. Oh well, I go to the grocery like once every 4-6 weeks? haha Except for the essentials, duh!

Ok, so totally has nothing to do with the title, except that not only did he go to the grocery with me, he decided to take out the trash for me! :) Such a nice guy! He's done it before, so props to him for continuing to when he is over at my place, after being together a year and a half lol

Let me quickly preface this by one of my HUGE fears living where I am.  My building is right near the dumpster. Right behind my garage in fact! And it's got a lot of trees etc, kind of creepy. I RARELY take the garbage out at night when it's dark. It's scary and every slasher movie comes to mind, so I'll wait till the morning or take it right after work, if it's that bad.  ANYWAY, lol, so last night, Matt being the gentleman he can be sometimes ;) j/k, said he'd take it out for me.  Well, one of my other fear nightmares is that I will accidentaly throw my keys into the dumpster.  You see, my building has a main door, then my door, so I have to take my keys whenever I leave my building.  I was locked out too many times when I first moved in lol My neighbors are annoyed by love me!

You probably know where this is going.  Matt doesn't take out the garbage much by himself, we'll usually take it if we take Max for a walk or go together, so the whole keys disapearing into a delicious garbage pile of yumminess, is not one of his reoocuring nightmares.  Truth be told, I even thought before he walked out the door to be careful with the keys! BITE MY TONGUE, I should have said it!

Yupp, you guessed it! A minute or so later, I hear my door buzz to let someone in...Now, Matt can be the jokster. I know totally unbeleiveable right?!?! Yeah, so I thought haha he's just kidding when he comes rushing in asking for a flashlight! Oh LOL too funny, where are my keys?! He's like, no seriously, I need a flashlight. Me: starting to feel my heart stop, throat closing up, understanding and support for how horrible he must feel from accidentally throwing my keys in the garbage as well, I quickly get him a flashlight and his tennis shoes, a hoody sweatshirt and a quick prayer and head out the door. Ummm, thank goodness I put a key on Max's leash! Cause we'd be a screwed...

Anyway, my gentleman on a white horse, in jeans and a hoody, without a second thought, is all up for jumping in the mess of the trash. Now, it's a trash compactor thingy. Meaning, when you push a button, this huge metal thing pushes forward and squishes all the gargage together to make more room for all the other garbage...gross.  So, his worry, didn't even cross my mind, and mine too, of course, was that this thing would automatically start moving while he was chilling with the awesome creatures of which I'm sure were chilling in there waiting for someone to come visit.  I think he hit the emergency stop button, I don't really remember, it all became a blur. But, I held open the door, while my man actually jumped into the dumpster! That's right ladies, he's taken :) Got inside, rummaged around for about 10 seconds and WOO HOO got my keys!! :) THANKFULLY, the dumpster was not oober full, cause that would have been gross. haha

He jumped out like a ninja and was probably more relieved he didn't die in the horror stories of stupid anitcs.  I've never seen someone rush inside and get in the shower so quickly, but believe me, I was thankful that was the first thing he thought to do haha Cause wow...I was not gonna snuggle up next to a guy who'd just been playing inside of a dumpster! I think that kept his adrenaline up for his drive home lol  

I immediately pulled out the bleach and shocked those keys like it was nobodies business! They were surprisingly not covered in disgusting garbage juices, which I was very thankful for...

Anyway, I had to share and I am pretty sure I told him right after, that this story would be on my blog! haha Here you go darlin'! You are now the famous dumpster diver!!

Oh, and as nice as it is that you offer to take out the garbage?? I think I'll get it from here on out :) It can wait till the morning daylight, when my keys are secure in my car or when I have both hands free; one to hold the garbage and toss it in, and the other to hold my keys with a death grip securly.  Thanks for the help and the thought! ;) And thanks for being a champ and jumping in that garbage!

I know it wasn't too funny last night, but at least we have another silly memory together!

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