Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sharing a Few Precious Love Stories

So, lately, everyone seems to be talking about marriage and proposals and all that lovely gushy relationship stuff :) It ALWAYS gets me. No joke. I daydream about this stuff haha. I am your typical girl.  I. Am. Pathetic. :/ But, in all seriousness, everyone's life is perfect for them, right? You may not think it's perfect, but it works for those individuals and I love that.

Everyone has there own story, everyone has there own history and everyone has ups and downs in life.  Not everyone loves their in-laws and not everyone is accepting of anothers choice in life partners...but if you believe that God is telling your story with that person, or those people, than open yours eyes to the happiness that is before you...let yourself just see and understand the good that is right there. 

If you see someone happy? If you hear someone is happy? Even though, not the happiest things may have happened in the past or even in the exisitng relationship? Trust that they can work through it.  Trust that the right decision is being made and be there. Be interested, be supportive, be a part of it.  Because people can really miss out on amazing people and life experiences when they are always wishing it could be different.  Once you open the eyes to the good of God and the blessings? You'll be alot happier. 

We've all had our ups and downs in life.  Everyone has made mistakes and not made the best decisions, but you just can't go around judging them for those things, right? They are in the past and while they can be a factor in their future? They don't have to define them, but it is up to you to choose whether you want those instances to define your life or if you want to judge and define someone else for their past...

SO, wow, ok, anyway, here are some lovelies that I follow and I love, love, love their love stories :) they live precious lives and seem to be truly blessed with love and grace...

Check em out!!

Lauren, just recently got engaged :) In Destin, with a custom ring, on the beach. Too cute! Love her hair, she's gorgeous! And was tricked into thinking it was just a photo shoot from a friend for some house pictures lol Her now fiance, has been looking for a home for them.

Bryan and Kate! OMG, I love this blog! They just recently built their DREAM home and it is GORGEOUS!!! They moved to North Carolina, not too long ago, have been married just over a year, have a PRECIOUS yorkie :) And are ridiculously, madly, in love with each other and they are so sweet always surprising each other with stuff. They travel a lot for work , so they are apart a lot.

Dooce - This chick cracks me up to no end! Her life story is incredible and she says it exactly like it is! LOL she was actually fired from her job a while ago, for writing about co-workers in her blog. Mental note lol - anyway, she now makes a living off her blog and it's amazing!!

those are my top three :) and Here are a couple other super cool chicks! One of which recently started dating a guy and they are pretty presh together. :)

Allison (she totally looks like Carrie Underwood!!) at Confessions of a 20 Something
And Kristen at All in My Twenties

Enjoy peeps! :)

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Awe, I love a good love story too! Fun reads :)