Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Kind of in a random mood so try to keep up :)

- Ever wonder how people get motivation? Why we are all so different? Our sources of energy and excitement stem from multiple things and stimuli.  It's kind of fascinating.
- I have a ridiculous addiction to candy and I have a whole drawer full at work.  It's kind of sad.  Not gonna lie even a little bit about it.  Food is always on my mind lol
- Ever wonder why people feel like they have to lie so much? Why they feel threatened or insecure? Why they feel the need to avoid confrontation? If that is what it'll turn into anyway... It frustrates me people can't come clean or feel like they always have to hide stuff.  A lot of that reaction is based on the aftermath of finding out, not the actual confrontation of saying what you need to say at the right time.  But when is the right time? Always, whether it happened months ago, years ago, or yesterday...just come clean.  You can't cover up lies and then you waste energy trying to remember what lie you told, right? Not worth it.  Nor is it worth jeopardizing relationships.
- Communication in ALL aspects of life are like total survival necessities! LOL Seriously, without it? Life isn't worth nothing...
- I have decided tomorrow, I am OFFICIALLY starting to run again. I miss it, and I'm pretty sure I've gained an lb or two in the last couple months. Totally unacceptable!
- I have a crazy desire to go to the theater :) Like, live acting theater, not movie theater...Prob won't happen for a while.
- I have gone into this 'dark' phase! haha I died my hair super dark brown, painted my toes and finger nails dark purple/almost black...so not me, but it totally worked.  Glad to say my nails are bright pink today :) So no goth phases for me, but I must say I liked all the dark colors.  Maybe once fall comes it'll be more acceptable lol
- It is ABSOLUTELY time to whip out the business plan and dig deeper into it.  Update those financials, get with a commercial real estate agent and get my butt into gear! It ain't gonna start itself and owning my own business is one of the only things I can see myself doing and being successful :/ I just pray God has that same plan and belief...
- All these old country songs have come on my Pandora radio today and I am LOVIN it! Reminising bout those good ol' days.
- My house is a zoo/animal farm this week.  Watching my parents dogs for a few days.  They are precious, but super anxious like all the time. Except when they are passed out asleep, which is most of the day, so...yeah.
- I'm getting into this super decorating mood.  Like I want to just go buy all this stuff to spice up my bedroom/living room, throw out stuff, sell stuff, organize, paint, decorate! AHHH Good thing I have a second job now, but even that's not enough, just yet.
- I wore my hair straight today, for the first time, in like months? I'm horrible.  I just hate that 'flat' covering your face look, but I razored (is that a word?) it a bit (don't dare ask how) and added a couple layers and it works! (I'm lazy and broke to go get my normal hair cut just yet. Plus I'm trying to grow it out, so it's not necessary to get a cut just as often)
- I really just want to sit and drink wine on my patio because the weather is finally GORGEOUS!!
- I cannot wait for Premier training this Saturday in Shepardsville! Lovely ladies + jewelry = FAB time :)
- It's officially time to start planning a trip. Even a long weekend. Relaxing, fun, somewhere I've never been...I need to get on this Stat!
-I seriously could go on and on, but really? I'm sure you all are bored out of your minds by now, thinking this chick is CRAZY!

Plenty more randomness, but till next time...

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