Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Dirt Track Race

Matt's work does a ton of givaway stuff and they are always winning free tickets to something.  Well, him and his uncle go to dirt track races a lot and really enjoy it.  This past week, he put himself in a drawing, along with a few others guys that were trying to win for him, trying to win dirt track race tickets for this past weekend.  He decided to ask me to go, if he won! Well, turns out someone is one lucky guy! He won those tickets and we took off Saturday afternoon to Union, KY for my first dirt track race.  That should totally be the title of a children's book.  A little redneck, but whatever lol

So, remember how Matthew has to be SUPER early to everything? I was totally ok with it this time, cause you never know the parking situation and what the turn out will be. Apparently, these are VERY popular races lol

So, I dropped Max off at grandma and grandpa's house, met Matthew at his parents who were watching the little one, and off we went to the track! I was told beforehand that I couldn't dress like I normally do. lol If that doesn't tell you I'm a little girlie; add the fact that I had to be TOLD that, then I don't know what will.  I was probably still a little 'overdressed', with my premier diamond earrings, and 4 bracelets, but who cares.  I was pumped :) No joke! I'm not THAT girlie...

We got there about an hour and a half before the race, no biggy, got decent parking and went up to sit and see if any of his other co-workers were there. PRIME TIME FOR REDNECK PICTURES! Oh and people watching of course! :) We got a couple good shots. 

Matt went ahead and gave me the run down of what was going to happen, what kind of cars would be racing, Late Model's, pretty sweet I must say.  And we walked around a bit to check out the different vendors that were there. 

Well, all week they had been calling for about 60% chance of rain. AWESOME! BUT that morning it had dropped to like 30%. SWEET :) But given our luck of course it started raining about race time, no biggy, we waited it out, went to the car and sat for a bit, and it finally let up.  Nothing tragic.  They had decided to keep the race on! So they got the track ready, cars were taking practice rounds and the first race started about 10ish (right around this little girls bedtime! haha but I was trucking and doing good! I think it was all the excitement :))

There were 6 races of 12 laps, top 3 go on to compete in the final 'feature' race for like $50,ooo! Ridiculous, I know! But, it was really neat! The way they fly around the corners of the track is awesome! It's only about a half mile circle, but they go like 90 mph and just slide almost on two wheels around those turns! Course you always have crashes and spins outs, etc. :) That happened the first couple races, but got better.

The there were a couple 20 lap races of all the 'losers' from the other 6 races. 

Finally, the featured race of 100 laps! Apparently, there was this really awesome guy Jimmy Owens, who wins like all the time! Dude, the guy knows how to drive and it totally up on his strategizing for getting past people! He is awesome to watch! Course by this race the track is so dry that as the cars are flying by you at a million miles an hour, dirt is flying all over the place lol Just so you know how bad? I scratched my head the next morning and there was tons of dirt under my nails. GROSS...needlesstosay I took a very long shower. 

BUT, all in all, I had an awesome time! We talked to some great people, watched great racing and just had a nice night out together ;) Granted it was about 1am before it ended, and about 3am before I got to my parents to stay the night, but it was worth every second :) We really had a blast and I can't wait to go to another in the future! Time really flew, I honestly couldn't even tell you all we did from 4:45 - about 9:30 when everything started, but there is plenty to see and tons of people to talk to.

Thanks for the invite babe!

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