Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Would Happen to Me

So, I went grocery shopping after Praise Team practice the other night.  It's like 8 o'clock, I have NO food and I'm ready to be home, but I stop at Kroger anyway.  Fly through the store spending a CRAP load of money on God knows what lol Head out in like 30 minutes.  
Now, I am usually a pretty quick grocery shopper, but mainly because I always go to Meijer and I know where everything is, right? So going to Kroger is like the blind leading the blind.  So confused, can't find what I want, just running up and down the isles, TOTALLY miss the chip isle, WHAT? And I didn't even realize it till it was too late...Fail!!
Get home, start unloading the groceries, and because Max is spoiled, I always at least get some treats, but that night I decided to get him a cute little alligator toy :) So, I unpacking and he's looking totally excited, knowing I brought him something lol and it is NO WHERE to be found! At Kroger, someone else packs your bags and even your cart. Thanks! :) BUT apparently they sometimes forget to put all your bags in the cart. Fail!
I am frantic for the dog toy and treats, not paying attention to the melting ice cream on the counter and total wreck of a kitchen.  I call Kroger laughing that I was just in there and to my surprise I am listing off everything I don't have! haha Deodorant (very important), body wash, coffee filters (life saver), dog toys, treat lol and She's is cracking up because it's everything in the bag.
All I gotta do is go pick it up! Thank goodness I only live like 5 minutes from the grocery!! Shoo!
Anyone ever done this?? It was a first for me...At Meijer I pack my own cart, hence my analness of never leaving a bag behind!! It's crucial when food is involved!! :)
Needless to say, a glass of wine topped off my evening.

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