Friday, August 5, 2011

Derby Dinner Playhouse

So last night, Matthew took me to Derby Dinner Playhouse as a birthday present :)  I’ll get to the show here in a minute, but the recap of events leading up need to be explained. 

Apparently, Matthew doesn’t like to keep surprises.  He just can’t seem to hold them in! No joke.  So he tells me last weekend, that I need to keep the next Sunday open, he has a surprise.  He can’t return whatever he’s reserving, so I have to make sure I have no plans. OK, got it.  I usually don’t lol. Then it changes to one day during the week. Lordy! So I said Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Alright, done. Thursday it is :) He says we’ll have to leave pretty soon after work to get there on time and it’ll be a few hours long.  OOO :) I like surprises! So, trying not to be the annoying girl that asks all the time, I said alright awesome! Can’t wait.

So I saw him last Sunday afternoon, and within like 5 minutes of getting to his place, which side note, is TOTALLY NORMAL (another blog post in itself…Matthew on the other hand? Not so normal :), but I knew that from the beginning.  I’ve learned to accept it. J/K!! Kind of) Anyway, he was like, “Do you want to know what we are doing? Do you have any idea?”. Uh, no dude! And Google did not help at all because the results for Matthew surprise for Ashley’s birthday turned out to be a dead end…I said, no I want to be surprised.  He said ok….but do you want me to tell you? I’m sorry, did someone else walk in the room when I wasn’t looking?? No, I said, let it be a surprise! Lol so he said ok, ok…about 3 minutes later? Well, I hope you like it! I don’t know if you’ve ever been before…do you want to know?! HAHA I’m dying by this point, cause we all know there is no way I can deal with this for the next 4 days!
I finally said just tell me. Lol So he did and I was super excited! I’ve been a couple times before and loved it!
So forward to last night.  The boy cannot…CANNOT be late. And when I say late, to him, that means arriving 30 minutes prior to the time you are supposed to be there.  If you arrive even 20 minutes before said time, you are SOOOO late!!! And his heart is racing, palm sweating, getting the shakes, can’t sit still, pacing, can’t focus… You are think I’m joking.  I. Am. Not…Seriously, it’s kind of ridic, but hilariously funny at the same time.  There should be treatment out there for it, but I think that would be called valium and that’s probably not good to take on a regular basis or while operating heavy machinery.

So, he bases his life on getting everywhere…EVERYWHERE like SUPER early. I’m not a late person, I am totally all about getting there like a minute before or right on time.  I’m not a fashionably late kinda gal and I can get ready in like 10 min flat. Like I did last night lol Cause someone was Freaking out.  Almost ready to just pick me up and carry me out the door LOL
So, course we get stuck in some downtown Louisville traffic, heading up to Clarksville, IN.  Me? Cool as a little cucumber right out of the fridge. Singing to the radio, checking out the cars next to us, playing on facebook, etc.  Matthew? White knuckled, sweating, FUMING on the inside, like cannot control his anger and frustrating that the doors were opening in like 9 minutes and we weren't going to be the first in line at the door.  The buffet didn’t even start/open till 6:10. So me? Umm, hello, we’re just going to be sitting and waiting! I am looking up traffic on the perfect smart phone and telling him in just a mile, we’ll be home free, there in no time! :)

And what do ya know, I was so right. Can someone please tell him to listen to me more often?? He’d stress less that’s for sure.

So we walked in, right at 6:10! EL Perfecto!! I mean, I know the buffet lasted till 7:10, PLENTY of time to get food, party started around 7:15 and show at 7:45.  That is amble time to get settled, stuff out faces, check out the crowds and head to the restroom before show time. I’m pretty sure you could see his shoulders just fall down and totally relax once we got our seats and headed to the buffet. LOL I was dying laughing. Him? Yeah, not so much…I’m pretty sure his exact words the whole car ride, was “If you weren’t so pretty and I didn’t love you so much, I’d be really mad at you right now!!” Hahaha Ok :) I’ll take it.

Back to the show recap!  We went to go see the Sound of Music! Which, I forgot to mention, the kid has never heard of it or at least didn’t recall what it was, meaning he’s heard like one song from it, but had no idea the plot line or nothing! WHAT??? Guess growing up with no sisters really de-cultures ya in the musical department, huh? Whoa! We’ll be sitting down with the actual movie here one of these days and have a showing.  He’ll love it! haha
But the actors did great! I love musicals :) And we actually sat at a table with another couple, who btw have 6...yupp SIX kids...Like 1/3 of the way to being the Duggars.  That is just insane!!! But they were super nice and we had a good time with them :) They did totally spoil the other surprise Matt had, which was a birthday cake with a sparkler in it! Uh, yeah! Fire hazard? I think so! There were quite a few birthday/anniversaries last night! All in all an awesome night!
Surprise = Super excitement
Play/dinner = both delicious
cake/sparkler = scrumtious!
forgetting to take the baloons home = fail
total night = perfect :)

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