Monday, August 29, 2011

Cinci time! :)

So, Matt's basically awesome and he gets free tickets to the Reds a lot ;) I won't say from where cause he's prob not supposed to take 'em. lol :) BUT he gets them and we go and it's fun! We usually go with Tina and Dustin. They are the reason Matthew and I are together! So, it works perfectly that we were best friends with them beforehand.  Just funny we hadn't met much sooner, but we won't get into that story... :)

Back to the game:) Afternoon games are always fun and yesterday was perfect weather! A little hot, but not bad at all and it was breezy which helped :) This girl, though, did not put on sunscreen. Guess I forgot to check and see if there would be ANY CLOUDS at all!! I mean, seriously, ONE cloud like 5 minutes into the game, then NOTHIN...which means, nice red, fried skin for me! Usually, I'm smart and put some on. Some make fun cause it's like SPF 50 lol but I don't burn, now do I! 

OH well, I'm just a little stiff on the arms and chest. I also have a SWEET tank top farmers tan! :) Yuppers, all the guys want me :) lol I kid. I kid.  
It's a great time to get out and do something different and hang out with cool people.  Matt and I don't get a ton of time, especially on weekends to be together, so every once in a while I love taking advantage of getting to drive for a bit just the two of us and hang out with friends :)

Course, because I fail at pictures, this is the only one I got lol You shall deal, and I shall begin being better about pictures! Promise.


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