Thursday, August 4, 2011


A- Apparently, I have Monday workday anxiety :/ Me no likey...
B- Saying goes, 'Big girls, don't cry'.  Guess I'm still not a big girl! lol :)
C- The Esse, no-Chip, top coat, clear, nail polish? AMAZING!
D- Dieting is overrated.  Let me enjoy my cookie dough poptarts. I'll have an apple for lunch and go for a run later :)
E- Eventually, my bad eating habits will catch up with me.  Good thing I love healthy food too!
F- All this food talk, is making me hungry!!
G- Getting out of bed, these days, seems harder and hard...and I love mornings!
H- This Heat?! Is ridiculous and my bank account doesn't like it either!! :/
I- Interior decorating...Man, I wish I was better at this! So fun!
J- Jewelry, now consumes my bedroom and my life
K- Kiiinnnddaa craving a freeze pop....I'm weird. Yes, I know.
L- I need a lazy day! lol, like that Song, I'm not doing anything?! Yeah, I need one of those, stat!
M- My nephew, aka, Monkey, shall be arriving in t-1.5 months!!! :)
N- "Nobody comes between me and my man!!" Rachel, Big Brother13. Her voice alone makes my body cringe with distaste...
P- Rest assured, I will be at the Pool this weekend, for sure!!!
Q- Some people think I'm weird, I just say quirky! :)
R- Reality TV Junkie, right here (pointing to myself)
S- Sound of Music at Derby Dinner Playhouse! HOLLA
T- Take me out to the ballgame...:) Love me some live baseball!
U- A wee bit Unmotivated today...
V- VEEERRY excited for my nephew to make his appearance next month!!
W- Word with Friends? One of the most addicting games ever!
X- I really don't like the letter X.
Y- You all is so northern (I still use this a lot) and Y'all is so sothern (but even living in the "south" for like 15 years, I still stick to my roots of You all :) like You's guys lol that's nothern
Z- Zebra print sheets for my birthday?? YES, please :)

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