Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge - Day 4 Books


Alright, so I used to be a hard core reader. No joke, I was reading all the time, could get through books in a couple days, but lately, it's tough finding time, so I'm gonna list one's I'm reading now :)

4. First, I'll say that Nicholas Sparks is one of my FAVORITE authors ;) He's an amazing writer, always has such a beautiful stories and incredible romance.
3.  I'm starting The Help, as there has been so my hype about it! lol and I am hoping I can find someone to go see the movie with before it leaves theaters!!
2. I'm also just starting a book called Heaven is for Real. I was really interested after my boyfriends mom told me about it. Should be great!
1. And I started Water for Elephants about a month or so ago, just haven't gotten into it enough yet to really read it and finish it...we shall see!!

Tell me about your favorite books/authors! I am always open to new stuff!! :)

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