Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Day YOU Challege - Day 9 Loves

Alrighty, well today is 9 loves, so here goes! (In no particular order)

9. God - This needs to be more of a focus in my life
8. Coffee - Could not survive without it :)
7. Accessories (Shoes, handbags, jewelry)
6. Family, friends, love, my peanut
5. Cool, sunny, windy, fall days - with plenty of leaves falling all over
4. Snow (especially on Christmas) - building snowmen!
3. Lazy mornings - these are so few and far between :/
2. Wine - it's kind of ridiculous
1. DORK ALERT: School Supplies! haha I wish I was back in school so I could go shopping for notebooks and pencils, pens, staplers, folders, binders, etc. I used to get home and put everything together all organized in my backpack like weeks before school started! Oh how I miss that lol

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