Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monkey Time~!

So, in case I haven't said yet, I am totally calling my nephew monkey.  Why? You ask? Well, I've stated before I am a nickname junky.  Yup! Hi, My name is Ashley and I am addicted to nicknames.  So, I've kind of racked my brain, usually they just come to me.  I don't sit around and figure it up, it just pops in my head and there ya have it!
But at my sister's baby shower she was getting all this monkey stuff! Clothes, a stuffed animal, etc.  And it just felt right! So, it may change once I see the little guy, but for now, it's Monkey :)

AND, tomorrow I am leaving the workplace a little early and headed down south to see him!! Well, my sister's belly that is...cause the little stink has a little more growing to do before he can see the world :)

I can't WAIT! :) OH and there will be a jewelry party too! SAWEET!

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