Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Shower!

So, my sister is almost 7 months preggers...actually tomorrow I think!?!  And what better to do for her, but a baby shower! :) YAY! Hosted at my place with the help of my lovely mother, of course.  Cause she rocks at hosting stuff like this.  Seems like everyone and their brother is coming in town though! HA

My godparents, their daughter, family, my grandparents, aunt...Shoo! Just family, there are like 15 of us! Then a couple sister in-laws on her side, some family friends, and a long time friend have all decided to come share this day with us :)

I can't wait! Baby boy Dunn is gonna make out this weekend with stuff! That's all I gotta say!!

Pics will be posted this weekend! Can't wait!! I finally got to feel him move a lot this past weekend! Although, it seemed my hands were glued to her belly without anything at all and the second I'd take them off, he decided to start getting all squirmy! So, I sternly told him he needed to be moving when MY hands were on her tummy!! He finally listened a little by the end of the weekend.  Hopefully, this is not forshawdowing our relationship...just sayin' :)

Gonna be a crazy couple days, but it'll be so much fun!! My guess though, is tomorrow will CRAWL :/ Bummersville...

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