Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Shower Success

So, I am finally getting around to recapping the baby shower.  Tons of people for the weekend was tons of fun! So much family that I haven't seen in way too long! and it was great to have some time with them :)
Friday night is when everyone arrived, we hung out and caught up, played games and drank(of course :)).
Saturday was fun filled with getting ready for the shower that afternoon.  Running errands, picking up cupcakes ;) Baking, putting the present table together, chairs, etc.  But we had a great turn out and Baby Dunn, who will now be Monkey, called only by his favorite Aunt :), got some sweet stuff! He is one spoiled little boy already!!
Oh and my Godparents family is UBBER creative.  Like, they could probably take a roll of toilet paper and turn it into this amazing thing.  No. Joke.  So my mom and I were going to make a diaper cake, then my Godparent's daughter, Becky, (I was in her wedding, way back when :)) offered to make one! Dude...this thing is awesome!!! See below. I mean, really? She rolled over 150 diapers...put them all together and even themed it to the Green Bay Packers.  This chic knows what's up.  She did an awesome job!
Precious, right??  So then, my mom had an idea of advice cards.  Something she can take with her with a little piece of something...The bridal shower I went to last year, had a fun little flower pot with flowers on sticks, that we could write on! I loved this idea and given that my sis has kind of done the farm animal theme for his bedroom, I that that this would be a cute way to give advice, but also a little room decor! :)

So after the party, we all went back to my parents for some chill time and pizza.  Much was said and shared, games played, good times had :) Late nights both Friday and Saturday for this girl! Man, I don't think  I got to sleep before 1am either night and that is tough on this little girl, when she got up at like 6:30am both days :/ needless to say, Sunday breakfast with the whole gang before they went on their merry ways, at 8am, was pretty killer. I was napping by 1 that afternoon...and in bed around 10pm.  Judge all you want! lol I needed it!

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