Friday, June 10, 2011


Ahh...the sense of peace that comes over me when it's weekend time. Sadly, I remember when I genuinely enjoyed working all week :/ Oh well, it pays the bills and the second job might just take off; who knows! :)
So, this weekend?? Includes some of this:
And a little bit of this:
With maybe some of this:
And definitely some of this:
And finally some of this:
And even a little of this:
And, I've finally decided it's time to do this:

 The wallpaper in my bathroom has GOT to go people!!! This is not mine, but it's almost as bad :/
And I'm sure a bunch of other stuff will occur, like a little shopping and our bi-monthly Young Adult Lunches with Church! LOVE THEM!...It'll be a nice little weekend to myself to get my life organized a bit. I've been running like crazy it seems and letting stress take over. So, hopefully it will be a productive, but relaxing weekend :)

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