Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Simple Things

So, one of the blogs I follow does a simple things day and due to the craziness of my life lately, I figured what better than to focus in on some of the simpler things in life to bring me back to peace :) Especially after a day like today...

Here goes!

- Waking up without an alarm and actually feeling refreshed
- Rainy days of laying around
- Sweet puppy kisses
- Snuggling on the couch
- A hot cup of coffee
- A 5 minute phone call from a best friend that totally brightens my day
- A hot shower
- Fresh fruit (I know - simple things I said)
- A smile from a stranger
- A sale you didn't know about till you check out
- Grocery shopping really early in the morning or late at night
- Little moments with my family - texting through the day or sharing a laugh
- Kisses for no reason
- Fresh laundry
- A new friend
- God moments
- Reading Blogs - no joke - totally makes my day :)
- Having milk when I'm craving cereal
- Long walks with my puppy and Matthew

So much more, but that's it for today :) Tell me your simple moments you love!!

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