Friday, April 15, 2011


I think  I was almost as excited if not the same, for my sister and Barrett to find out whether they were having a little baby girl or boy! Her appointment was Wednesday and I thought it was in the morning.  I was bombarding her with texts all day! lol I couldn't WAIT! It was killing me! So, she finally said it was in the afternoon.  Seriously? I had been waiting forever?! (can you imagine when I have kids? I'll be the CRAZY lady in the doctor's office everyone is looking at and tries to sit FAR FAR away from! poor future husband! I'm sorry honey!)
So, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and what do ya know??! A little ding from my phone and it's from Barrett! What does it say!? It's a picture of the sonogram and on it, in clear, big, white, letters....
BOY!....BOY! Yeah! Now, I said in the first post that it could be either.  If it was a girl, man she'd be a diva because of her Aunt Ashley :) Now that it's boy! Well, the kid is either going to taught to play every sport imaginable and will end up with either baseball or soccer.  Those are my two picks....
My sis and  I were both into sports as kids and I wouldn't be opposed to picking back up something for fun.  I can't wait for September and to meet the little guy!! Now it's name game time! lol Oh the joys of attempting to agree on a name! I think they may be close or may have already chosen one, who knows.  I haven't heard much on that front, but let's face it, they just found out what the sex was.  Ya can't go around calling it names without knowing if it's a boy or girl, right?
Course I'm huge on nicknames.  I'll have to tell you more on that.  I rarely call people BY THEIR NAME. I know, I'm a horrible person. lol So, whatever name this child ends up with? I will most likely only call him that, if he's in trouble...maybe.  haha I don't have the name yet and who knows, maybe this child will feel normal if I actually call him by his birth name.  But who likes normal? Hello? I wanted a male Yorkie dog named Max. So I went and searched for the dog to fit the name, not the other way around lol Wanna know what I call him?? Bubba, peanut, punkin, little guy...Rarely does he hear Max, which is probably why he always looks just a little confused when I do! haha
So, I'm hoping that maybe a little boost in some energy and spirits will get me out and buy something for this little dude this weekend :)  My mom and are are heading down there in a couple weeks for a cupcake party! Heelz to the yeah! Who can't resist cupcakes? And it's a class on how to make the most awesome one's, which basically means, someone who can bake really good, is gonna help up bake really good, AND TAKE THEM HOME! Yup! I'm saving up my calories for that weekend, cause you know this girls gonna be eating a whole bunch of cupcakes! Me loves some frosting and deliciously moist cake!
OK, back to the baby and the baby bump, that I'm sure has popped out a little more in the past few weeks since I've seen her :) I might even be like those obnoxious people that run up to you and start groping your belly.  Rubbing on it and talking to your stomach....Now what you do on your own time is one thing, but when strangers wanna put their hands all over ya belly? Umm....Personal. Bubble. Invaded! lol
But I bet she'd let me get the feel of a little kick in here and there :)
Don't you worry! I'll keep ya updated! And I better start looking for a decent camera, cause pictures are going to be taken and events will be documented! BOOM!

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