Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess What?!?!

So just about a month or so ago, my sister and, semi-new, brother-in-law, came home from Nashville for a weekend.  We were all sitting around chatting about nothing and everything, when everyone sort of dispersed to put on their comfy clothes.  My parents were sitting on the couch, me on the ottoman, and Barrett, my brother-in-law, on the other couch.  My sister comes upstairs and sits down on the floor in front of us, looks at Barrett, then to us, and says, "So what are you guys doing in September?"
UMMMM, HOW many months away is that??! Man you all are smart! That's right, 9.  And what comes in 9 short or long months, depending on how ya look at it??? A BABY!
I think I yelled, NO WAY or REALLY? lol I also think my sister was surprised by my reaction a little.  My parents you ask? I think it took my parents a minute longer to figure it out what she was saying.  My mom was even all, What? In that confused way.  So, my sister asked again? Whatcha doing in September?! Cheesy grin on her face :)
I am going to be an aunt! Me. An aunt! If you know me, you know I love kids and babies are that much better! I actually miss working in a nursery with 6 babies under 6 months :) They would make my day being in there!
I was so freakin' excited!  I think my little heartheart jumped a bit and I think I held my breathe for a good minute as they said they finally spilled the good news :)
I don't think anyone was expecting that information that weekend, but my goodness, time is crawling now and I"m not even the pregnant one! Can't imagine what she's going through!  I even got to see the first sonogram picture! :) YAY! They sent it the day of their doctors appointment and I got to see the rest this past weekend when we went down to visit them.
She's about 4? months along now? Somewhere in there :) Who cares! In early September, a baby is coming! So she is just starting to get that little bitty baby bump.  It's precious, but it's so weird seeing her like that! lol It's like this huge wake up call of being a grown-up.  Letting me know life is moving along at an incredibly fast pace and I've got to make sure that I capture all those moments and remember the joy of it.
They just got married last June :) I think I started this blog after that, but they've been together like 6 years? or longer? They are SOOOO excited! I love seeing her face light up talking about it and I think it's really starting to sink in to them.  They've been doing house repairs and fixing things up before the baby comes, 'cause Lord knows ain't nothing getting done once that child is born! :) At least not for a long time coming.
If you've ever had the experience to be an aunt or an uncle, you know the feelings I am feeling.  They are happy and timing wise? Well, is there ever a perfect or not so perfect time?  They are doing great and know what's coming.  They are getting prepared and the amount of baby books my sister has? HOLY GEEZ!! I was reading one this past weekend and I am pretty sure that baby books haven't changed since like 1940...maybe even older than that. There were these dad 'tips' in all the chapters LOL I was dying reading those?! Some of them were like, remember she's emotional, talk to her, comfort her, do something nice for her.  Take her car to get washed, rub her back....
UMMMMMM, why are we reminding a guy, that's living with this woman, watching her go through all this, that he's supposed to basically, 'be nice'? haha  One was even like, remember to help her in and out of her car.  If she is uncomfortable in her car, you should switch for the time being.  Like he's going to read that tip and all of a sudden be like, OK....I don't know, guess ya had to be there.  It's situational and it was hilarious...It was telling this guy how to be, but every girl is different, right? Every pregnant woman goes through similar things, yes, but they all deal with emotions and health differently, so it'll be interesting.

I think she has had her spats of nausea, mood swings, lol, what I like to call pregnant brain? I'm sure you've heard of this, it's like sometimes it just makes you sound silly.  You forget stuff, you say things that don't always make total sense...
She's doing really good though.  She's staying active, working hard, and hasn't gained much weight :) I mean, she looks great!  I can't wait for this baby to come.
I know it's be hectic as ever, but it'll be so beautiful and fun.  I don't think I've written a whole ton about me and my sister.  We're kind of opposites when it comes to lifestyle and some interests.  We both grew up pretty much tom-boys.  We liked to get down and dirty, I'd be the first one in soccer to 'dive' because there was a mud puddle :) I also wanted to be just like my sister.  I would wear the same outfits, do the same things, want to hang out with her.  The typical little sister obnoxiousness that she HATED. lol So of course, we didn't get along much when we were younger.  We had out moments, but in high school we were so different, it was hard to find that easy connection.
Her going away to college was probably the best for us! and I don't mean that in a bad way! I mean, we were able to grow into who we were separately and find a way to connect as sisters.  I ended up going to the same college as her :) I bet she was excited when she heard that! ha, but we learned how to accept each others differences.  I started getting into fashion, caring more about what I looked like than I had in the past.  I loved make-up and I loved dressing up.  I am OCD clean and organized and I hate eating red meat.  lol  Now, I'm not saying my sister dresses like a slob or has a dirty house, but I've always been the more "girlie-girl", I guess you could say. :)
So, I won't make this blog about that, but I'll say that I hope she has a girl and I hope that girl is SUPER girlie! haha I hope that she wants to wear dresses all the time and bows in her hair.  I hope she carries purses and loves chap stick.  I hope she wants to go shopping and play with dolls. (well, maybe not dolls....they creep me out to NO end)  I hope she loves flowers and keeping her room clean! haha
If they have a boy, I know he'll be a sports maniac.  A total jock, playing every sport every season.  I know he'll be a total goofball, but the sweetest kid you'll meet.

All in all, that kid will get more love than anyone I know.  Whether it's a boy or a girl, you can bet it'll be spoiled by me.  You can bet I will give that kid ice cream for dinner, let them stay up late, and teach them silly things.  I am grateful they only live about 2.5-3 hours away 'cause if it were further? I don't know what I'd do.
I love that they've made a life for themselves.  I love that they are happy and I love that they both wanted kids and it happened so soon.  I love that my sister and I have learned how to understand and respect each other on a level that we  can connect.  We've come to a place where we can talk to each other about things and be there for each other whether we fully understand or not.  I know this will be another one of those situations.
I can't wait to get married and have my own kids, only to go to her for advice.  Have her tell me what I'm going through is normal! lol Have her laugh at my emotional ups and downs and giggle about the weird things that will happen, only to me ( trust me, I get all the crazy weird, 1 in a million things...I"ll blog about it later).  I can't wait to see her be a mom because I know she'll be great.
Both her and Barrett have always loved kids.  My sister babysat, like me, since she was like 12.  Barrett has a precious nephew and young cousins.  They both are great around kids and they both will be awesome. They will figure out how to make it work for them and I can't wait to be a part of that and see it all unfold. I said before that kid will be more loved than anything and I mean that, if not only from my sister and Barrett, but I know it'll be from my both sets of families.
I've rambled enough on this blog and I always say I don't know where it was going or where it needs to end, but I will probably be blogging throughout the process :) I'll let you know what's going on and when that baby comes? You could possibly get crazy sick of seeing pictures....SORRY!!

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