Friday, April 29, 2011


A - Aidan is one of my favorite boy names
B - Botox kind of scares me...
C - Candy is my weakness...
D - Daisies are one of my favorite flowers
E - Edamame is one of my favorite appetizers with Sushi
F - Feet are disgusting...I hate them, even my own.  Nothing against you and the way you care for your feet, they just gross me joke.  And because of this, I don't take as good of care of mine, and because I'm a runner...ok, basically, I have nasty feet.  Nough said...
G - Sometimes I try and talk just comes out all white, girl, awkward though
H - "Haave ya met Ted??" - Great show!
I - InStyle Magazine, rocks my world!
J - Jnco Jeans!! I totally had a pair of these...I am ashamed...
K - Karate would be fun to learn
L - Laying out on the beach, sounds like a perfect place to be right now :( Sadly, I'm stuck with a bazillion straight days of rain.  I thought I lived in KY? When did I wake up in Seattle?
M - As many times as I've moved in life, I can actually say I like it! You get to get everything all cleaned and organized! and start somewhere new :) It's fun!
N - Nostril is an extremely weird word to me...Don't ask why! I don't know! It just is...
O - Ostriches? Yeah, they scare the bageeezies out of me!
P - I might start selling me some Premier Jewelry soon!! :)
Q - I embrace the little quiet times I get at's so few and far between! Especially on Monday's when I need it...
R - Rumor has it, A LOT of people have phobias of using public restrooms....interesting...they are disgusting, don't get me wrong there, but when ya gotta go, I mean...
S - Shoes are delicious...but I tend to buy them cheap and wear them fast...(wow, that sounds awkward lol)
T - Travel needs to happen more in my future
U - Ross, "UNAGI!" - Rachel, "SALMON SKIN ROLL!" The show never gets old. NEVER. GETS. OLD.
V -  I used to own a velor 'track suit', I can't believe I just admitted that.  And it was bright green....Oh. My. Goodness
W - I am not a fan of wallpaper...yet both of my bathrooms right now have it.  It was the previous owner, I promise! I'm taking it down in the next month or two!! WOO-HOO
X - Xenon - a colorless, odorless, inert gaseous element occurring in the earth's atmosphere in trace amounts
Y - Yahweh
Z - Zaxby's is a place I have never eaten, but hear a whole lot about...I guess I should try it sometime.

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