Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to start googling the Roman numerals (thanks mom!) pretty soon....just sayin'.
Anyway! Here goes!

A - Ants give me the heeby jeebies! Seriously, if I see one, I will feel them crawling all over me the rest of the day, or week, or month. I'm kind of getting creeped out just writing about them...
B - Babes in Toyland! OMG Does anyone remember this movie? AMAZING!!!
C - Corn on the cob, MAKES my days in the summertime :)
D - Doughnuts?! Umm...Yes, please :) Warm Krispy Kreme to be exact!
E - Eating...is that a hobby? 'Cause it would totally be mine. I'm hungry just thinking about it!
F - Faith is what gets me through...
G - Gumball machines are totally overrated. They get all hard and lose flavor in like 2 minutes! :/
H - Home is where I feel most myself
I - Insecurities can sometimes take over our emotions and actions...
J - No one would believe I have 'junk' drawers, but I do :) And NO you may not see them!
K - Karma man...Karma!
L - Love - one of the scariest things in the world to let yourself do...
M- Movies are one of my favorite things :)
N - I NEED a vacation!
O - Oceans and beaches are probably one of my most favorite things...like EVER
P - Peach ice cream from Graeter's during June and July? Sometimes even through August?!?! = DELECTABLE
Q - It is quite possible, I will have a hard time finding words for the letter Q :)
R - I believe in romance and expect and look for that, but reciprocate it...I'm kind of a hopeless romantic at times...I know, I know, it's not that real and I watch WAY too many romantic comedies. Who cares :)
S - Seattle is a city I would love to visit!!
T - TOTALLY got a new prescription for my glasses and what do ya know?!! I CAN SEE! It's amazing how your eyes change in 3 years.
U - Understanding in any relationship goes a long way...
V - VERY soon, I am FINALLY going to be more consistent with my runs...I miss it ;/
W - Wedding season is coming up and unlike last year, I am in NONE so far! BUT am very much looking forward to the one next fall!! Kelly and Mitch! :)
X - My best friend Molly went to Xavier for a semester. I visited her and I think we watched Finding Nemo! lol :) Love you Molls!!
Y - Yesterday, I went to see Soul Surfer with my momma. It was such a good movie! True story about a surfer who got her entire arm eaten by a shark! Yeah, confirms my fears of going to far into the Ocean...
Z - My kitchen has a zebra stripped rug under the table. That's right :) You have my permission to be jealous. AND it was $29. You did NOT read that wrong! Twenty-nine dollars! HOLLA! Again, be jealous!

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