Sunday, April 3, 2011


A- I hate the word 'actually' because I always think people are saying my name
B - Bacon makes my day
D - Dancing is not my forte
E- I am obsessed with huge Earrings
F - Fantabulous is one of my favorite words - yes, I made it up!
G - I've experience G-forces going bobsledding in Utah :) Most awesome thing
everH- 99% of the day, I am Hungry...or maybe bored, or stressed, or thirsty and I think I"m hungry. Hmm....either way I eat ALL day
I - interesting is a word I use a lot, for some reason
J - I never experience Jungle Juice in college... Guess I went to the 'cool' fraternities to party :) JUST kidding, sort of
K - One of my house dreams, is a huge KITCHEN...maybe it'll help me want to cook more
L - Lego's were one of the best toys when I was a kid.  Now everything is video games and TV.  It's sad, really...
M - Maybe I should get a life and stop writing ABC blogs about myself
N- NO ONE reads them! lol (See M for clarification)
O - Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
P - I am probably one of few people,who actually enjoys Painting. No, seriously! OH and I gotta throw this one in for my mom! PREESSSIDENTIAL FLASHCARDS?? :) Name that movie people!!! Give up? Yeah, well you should try to get out more.  It's That Thing You Do. One of the most amazing movies, like, EVER.
Q - I should probably say at this point, QUIT JUDGING ME! :)
R - Rarely, do I ever brush my hair...correction, I never brush my hair....interesting
S - Snakes scare the living 'bleep' out of me! I've just put my feet up off the floor thinking about's that bad
T- Tell everyone you care about, you love them. Do it! NOW! Every chance you get...
U - Unless you open your eyes and heart, you will never truly experience love and compassion
V - VERRYY soon, I will know whether I will have a niece or nephew!
W - Windshield wiper...LOL OMG, I think only my family will get this, but it was one of numerous funny nights  of my acting like a complete and total dorkface...AND I'm pretty sure my grandma thought I had lost it and was ready to check me into the loony bin! I should have been a's not too late!
X - X-ray vision would be a cool superpower...
Y - Yahtzee!!
Z - Zoos are one of my favorite places to visit

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