Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things That Matter

So this blog stems from another song...shocker, right?  I get great ideas from music.  I love it!!
I've grown up playing instruments; the recorder, the piano, and the flute.  Occasionally other instruments when my sister let me play her clarinet or Kass's trumpet :)  I've also grown up in Choir in school and sing every Sunday at Church  at our Celebration Service.  Basically, there is ALWAYS a song in my head.  I catch myself singing without even knowing it...
Music is an amazing thing.  It can build you up, bring you down, and ultimately change your life.  What I love is sometimes you need to hear a certain song.  Maybe it's one you've never heard before, maybe it's one you've forgotten, but when you hear it, it makes you think.
I always knew God had a hand in's be a pretty crazy coincidence to turn on the radio or a CD and have a certain song begin to play.  The song that tells you what to do in a situation, the one that says it's going to be OK, or the one that just makes you smile and remember what a great life you really have.

You can pretty much tell my mood by what I listen to.  It has so much meaning behind it. And the way artists sing it makes it so much more powerful.  The words are strong and meaningful.  One of my favorite genres of music is country (judge all you want).  Reason being each song tells a story.  Each line/phrase/measure has a little deeper know someone really thought about what to say and how to say it.
This one is from Rascal Flatts.  One of my all time favorite country groups :)
It's called Things That Matter and talks about the little things.  We can get caught up in day to day things and sometimes we think that's more important...than being home with family, than letting that grudge go, smiling at strangers, and listening to a friend.  Don't get me wrong, I can be guilty of this as well.  I've found myself getting so frustrated with little things, (i.e. I'm an impatient driver...but what's arriving a minute or two later, or taking a different route; don't think my life is going to change that drastically).  But yet, I still find myself getting mad at the slow driver, the one who doesn't use their blinker, the one that cuts me off, and the one's that don't pay attention cause their on their cell phone...

But here's the thing.  In the end none of that matters, does it?! I mean, why not cherish the little moments in life, instead of sulking over not getting your way.  Why not, take an extra minute to kiss your child, tell someone you love them, laugh at a joke, or have the 3 cup of coffee with someone...Why not, leave work early to head out to the park for a walk, dinner with friends, playing with your puppy, etc.  It's endless.
I get that we have to work, that there are obligations in life.  I just find it hard to dwell on so much to the point of it bringing you down and letting it affect your happiness.  So what if that person made you mad.  Either talk to them and figure it out or let it go...chalk it up to a bad day and move on.
I am not a drama person.  In fact, I hate it and avoid it at all costs.  It is so ridiculous! Being petty and making situations more than they are...I know people like that and it drives me nuts.  It's an attention thing, I think.  They just want someone to listen and think that their life is either so much better than yours, or throw a pity party for themselves.  If you can change the situation, do it! Otherwise, focus on the things that actual matter.  The things that make you who you are and the things that make you happy...
It makes you distracted.  You forget why we are on this earth and who really matters.  The last phase says God was waiting for me.  He'll wait forever for us to realize that the mundane things of life don't actually matter.  Have fun, be happy, laugh, love, live!!!  All that time wasted frowning and being upset; you're missing out on the good things.
Things That Matter
Rascal Flatts

Sometimes he lets that boss get in his head
He can't past that mountain of deadlines on his desk
5oclock he's that last one out of the gate
And he gets cut off flipped off ticked off out on the interstate
And he wonders why this world won't leave him alone
Till he hears that little voice "daddy's home"
Things that matter
Things that don't

She's held on to that grudge all her life
And thirty years of anger
Since her dad walked out that night
She thinks of all the moments that he's missed
All the birthdays ballets first date
That seems too much to forget
She gets that call that said he don't have long
She walks in
He starts crying
The past is gone
Things that matter
Things that don't

Time ain't on my side
Don't want to leave this world
With why didn't I?
Why didn't I?
Yeah why didn't I?

Sometimes I take on this world by myself
Thinking I got all the answers
Don't need anybody's help
Well god was right there waiting for me all along
To fall down on my knees surrender all
Things that matter
Things that don't
Things that matter
Things that don't

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