Sunday, May 14, 2017

Food for Thought

I fell upon this article on Facebook and it gives some good insight! Seeing as I'm in my early thirties, I guess I should be aware of what I might regret once I'm out! 

1. The Shoulds - This had to go out the window a few year's ago. Yes, I wish I was in a different place, but I can't spend life wishing. I can only embrace the opportunities presented to me and make the best of my life.

2. Not spending time with parents - I adore my parents. They are my best friends! I see them at least once a month and talk to them almost everyday. I'm good here. I will always work hard to make sure they know I not only love them, but love spending time with them and appreciate all they've done and do. 
3. Putting work first - Yeah, no. Work is a necessity. It's not life. I have such a strong view on work/life balance and I would never sacrifice time with those I love for work... 
4. Spending time on negativity - I can struggle here. I have days where I want to shut the world out or wallow in self pity, but I work hard to remind myself that I have so much more than I deserve and if I'm not using what God gave me, what's the point? I'd rather choose happy. 
5. Thinking your 30s was old - Well some days I feel old, but I have to remember that I have so much life left and I have to embrace it and enjoy all the moments I can! 
6. Not putting yourself first - I thought I was doing a pretty good job here, but it's a daily routine and something to always work on. The more you love yourself and who you are fully, the better you'll be all around. 
7. Not taking better care of your body - I may drink too much at times and eat like crap, but I balance it out with daily workouts and some good nutrition in there when I feel like it. 
8. Not taking chances - I've always been a bit cautious in life, but in the last couple years I've taken chances, put myself out there and tried to live with no regrets. It hasn't always had the outcome I've wanted, but at least I can learn and grow from it. 
9. Not saving and investing enough - Yeah, I'm the spender, so this one's more of a challenge for me, but it'll all work out and I know I'll be just fine. 
10. Not traveling enough - My parents blessed us with so many vacations growing up that some days I feel like I've traveled so much, but I know there is ten times more to see in this world, so it's something I hope to do someday.
11. Caring too much about what others think - I used to care so much. I got caught up in what should be or what people might judge me for and at the end of the day, I realized that those that love me, are still here. Are still supporting me and those are the ones that matter. They're still here after my mistakes, failures, successes and celebrations. They are my people.

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