Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2,017 miles in 2017

Miles that is.
And yes. I signed up for this challenge.
Am I crazy? Eh, maybe a little.
What can I say, I really like to run!
But I'm smart enough to do it as a team and not solo.
This whole getting older thing has really put a damper on my pace and ease of running.
More power to all you peeps who could do this challenge alone.
Me?, I like my sleep and I'm lazy. No way I'm running 5.5 miles a day.
I ain't got the time.
And I just don't want to.
So there's that.

My team consists of my sister, our mom and myself. We are all counting those miles and we are planning to dominate 2017!
I'm pretty pumped. We're 50 miles in on week two of January! Right on track and getting it done!
It might motivate me to sign up for the fall Half-Marathon.

I'm sure you can still sign up if you so choose!
So hop right on over here - https://runtheedge.com/runtheyear2017/ and start tracking those miles!

They even have some fun monthly challenges so it keeps you motivated throughout the year!
And no you don't have to run! You can walk or do the elliptical.
Only rule is logging intentional mileage. Don't be sitting on the couch with your fitbit and moving your arm up and down to get 'steps'...
Get your butt up and walk around for 30 min.
You're body will thank you in the end.
Well not right away, for some you may be sore and probably want to just lay on your couch like me, but power through! Power through.
It'll be worth it.

They even have a Facebook page you can post progress, maybe get some motivation and praise for getting yourself out there.
It's inspiring to see folks who are really working hard!
Sometimes all it takes it putting yourself out there and saying yes!

Happy miles!!

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