Monday, November 21, 2016

Kentucky Bourbon Chase

A little over a month ago, I was lucky enough to be on a team running the Bourbon Chase!
It's a 200 mile relay through all the major distilleries in Kentucky, starting with Maker's Mark and ending in downtown Lexington, KY.
You have a team of 12 runners and each person runs three legs; all different mileage.
A friend of my sisters had asked her months ago to be on the team because they needed another runner. Unfortunately, she couldn't get off work, so I totally jumped at the opportunity!
I've always wanted to run this race, just never had the chance.
And it was totally worth it!
It's a tough one to train for. You just don't know what your getting into.
If you've never run and are thinking about it, just remember hills.
But it's gorgeous. Seriously, so beautiful!
We were in van 1 and most of our meet ups were at the distilleries so it was awesome to see!
We started out early Friday morning with runner one leaving at 7:45 am.
I was runner 4 with a total mileage of about 16 miles between three legs.
After our van finished all of our first runs, we were able to grab some food and chill out for just a bit while van 2 was out running.
Our second legs were all at night. In the dark. On country roads.
I was lite up like a Christmas tree you all!
I don't even sleep in total darkness, so to be running, mostly alone, on country roads, with little light, random animals, fields, farms, etc, I was scared to death.
So I literally had 6 lights on me, a reflective vest, and a flashlight.
That's right! People commented on my awesome lights, saying it helped being able to see me!
That was my longest leg at 6.6 miles.
I survived though. Clearly.
The last legs for our van started about 6am or so on Saturday morning and man that was rough. We've been up for almost 24 hours with maybe a couple hours of restless sleep in there.
I was happy my last one was only 3.8 miles.
We were finished up around noon, grabbed some lunch and it was time for showers and crashing!
I slept for 12 hours that night! Being up for 36 hours straight is rough!!
And on top of that, running every 7-8 hours!
We had the best van though! I was so grateful to be a part of their team and we had so much fun!
We were chill, joked around, had fun, supported each other like crazy and genuinely enjoyed every step of the journey!
I'd do it again for sure!!

Sunset before runner one took off! 

Van 1 team photo! We all looked so happy before it all started! 

Finish line with the rest of our team from van 2!

Pre-party drinks. Duh!

My first exchange! I was nervous.

first leg of van 1 complete! Handing the bracelet off to van 2!

Getting pumped about our night runs!

My final leg! YAY

Post food comas!

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