Friday, April 8, 2016


If I ever had any doubt before, whether I had angels watching over me, I definitely do not anymore!

A couple years ago, I went with one of my best friends to a medium.
Her dad (my Godfather) had pass away very suddenly and we wanted a chance to connect with him.
Someday I'll write about that session, but one thing I was told was that her dad was my protector and boy has he protected me!

The day after Thanksgiving this past year, I was at Molly's parents house for another small dinner get together to celebrate the holidays. Her parents live pretty close to mine and since I was living with my parents, I took a different route to get there.
Not one I've been on much at all.

While driving home on this dark, curvy, country road, in the rain, I came up on a curve too fast and the next thing I know my car hit a tree and was turned on its side.

What cause it?! I only have this tunnel vision image of the curve in the road and the panic of coming at it too fast.
I overreacted and slammed on the brakes, causing me to hydroplane across the road and into an elderly gentleman's yard.

I know it was an accident, but I'm hard on myself at times and I never want to disappoint, so this has bruised the ego a bit. Every day since, when I get in my 'new' car, I'm reminded of that accident. Every single day. It sucks and it's not something fun to remember, but I've started to change my thinking more positive and remembering that I've got someone watching over me.

And I know it was my Godfather.
Once the accident happened, I was FINE.
Seriously, fine.
I literally walked away from it as if I was a bystander and just watched it all happen. 

An amazing off-duty office was behind me when the accident happened and immediately was at my windshield asking if I was ok.
He helped me climb out of the back passenger door, let me use his phone to call my parents and had my insurance on the phone in minutes to help distract me from going completely nuts (which kind of happened anyway).
He let me sit in his truck, while he got back in my vehicle to retrieve my keys, purse, and phone and waited until the Sheriff arrived to take over the situation.
He must be my angel on earth or the angels above put him in the right place at the right time.
He took complete control and did everything for me, which I know is his job, but he didn't have to do any of that or could have just waited for the Sheriff to arrive. 

I climbed out of my car feeling absolutely fine. Adrenaline probably kicking in full gear, but the only injuries, if you can call them that, was some minor whiplash, bruising and marks on my left shoulder (the car flipped on the driver side), and a seatbelt burn on my chest.

Insert Public Announcement here: Wear your seat belts people!!!
I may not be the best driver and I get way too frustrated with you slow left lane people, BUT I always, always have my seat belt on and had I not, I am not sure what would have happened, but I do not want to know.

I definitely believe that I had some angels wrapping their arms around me during all of that.
And boy do I thank God is wasn't worse!
My car was totaled. Almost $18,000 worth of damage and there are probably still parts of my car stuck in that tree, but my insurance was AMAZING through it all!

I had the claim filed that night, they had a wrecker sent, no charge, to tow wherever I wanted and within 12 hours, had a rental car set up for me.

The adjuster had the estimate and total completed within 5 days and I had a settlement check within 10 days. I had numerous folks with Geico calling me to check status, make sure service was acceptable, and completing the claims process. Incredible!

The settlement was pretty decent and I was able to find another 2013 Edge with the features that I wanted, so it all worked out the best way possible!

Apparently I didn't just want a new city and new job, but also a "new" car! #notrecommended

This is what I walked away from. With the impact on the passenger side, I think that took majority of the blow...

It's tough reliving this and every single day, but I've started thinking more about Dave and how he had his arms wrapped around me that night.
Apparently I have a purpose her on this earth and I'm meant to do more than I have thus far.
A reminder to not take things for granted, live life everyday and just enjoy.
Don't stress over little things, hugs the ones you love and smile.
Choose happy every single day.
Every day.
God needed an angel and Dave's time was up, but I know he is working every day watching over his family and those he loves and I can't wait to see him again. 

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Crystal said...

My goodness, chicky! You certainly do have angels - LOTS of them - watching out for you. I am so thankful you got through this with minimal damage to you and were able to get a new ride that you love just as much. Be safe out there! Hope to see you soon! Love you!!