Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dear Monkey

The days are coming to a close of you being an only child and soon your world will be turned upside down for a little while.
You'll get used to it eventually, don't worry and you'll have someone to play with for life!
I'm sad I won't be able to see you again before your little brother comes, but I know you'll be so excited to meet him!

You are going to be a big brother and that take a lot of responsibility.
Thankfully for you, your momma was a big sister and I'm pretty sure she can show you the ropes ;)
You've got a great teacher on that front.

I still remember when you told me you were going to be a big brother!! Time sure has flown since then and a lot has happened.

I can't believe how much you've grown and it makes me so proud of you for all you're learning and experiencing.
You are such a good boy (most of the time, but hey we all have our meltdowns, right?)
You'll understand all that when you are older.
For now, just stay your sweet, wonderful self.

The good thing is, me and your grammy and gaga are not far away.
Sleepovers are in your future buddy!! :)
That baby crying all the time is going to get old, so you just call us up and we'll come rescue you!

Now, I know when Jackson comes, everything is going to be a little crazy.
And for the first few months, he won't be doing much but sleeping, eating, pooping and peeing....
You think that' gross? That's all you did when you were first born, too.
Comes with the territory of growing up dude. You'll get used to the lovely smells.

Luckily, you are becoming a big boy! So no more diapers soon for you!  WOOT!

I'll be seeing you soon and I'll chase you down the hospital hallways and get you into all sorts of trouble :) Just you wait!

I cannot wait to watch you grow more into a little boy and become a big brother.
Your auntie is so proud of you and misses you everyday!!

Good thing you have a cell phone and can call me whenever you want to! hehe
(ask mom about that one when you're older.)

Love you my little Monkey!!

You're Auntie

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