Wednesday, February 5, 2014

If I Were...

So I took this from a friends blog. It's funny how many we answered alike!  And I also got matthew's input on some answers :) joint effort lol I just wanted to bug him during the UK game lol he was a champ!!

... a month, I would be September! Maybe even October. Such a beautiful time of year. The weather is starting to get cool and the colors begin to change. Love it.
...a day of the week, Saturday for sure! You can recover a bit from the week, plan a day and/or a night out and it's just flexible and free!
...a time of day, I would be morning. I LOVE mornings. Quiet and peaceful. I can be with my thoughts and reflect on the day to come, drink my coffee, and just be with me...
...a sea animal, Matthew says I would be a seahorse lol I he says I'm strong like a horse and built like a seahorse... Small and petite lol I'm just gonna move on from that one. 
...a direction, I would be North. Only because it's colder there and I love fresh, cold air :)
...a piece of furniture, I would be a oversized comfy chair! A solid color with amazingly colorful accent pillows.
...a liquid, I would be coffee or wine. I'm a bit obsessed with both. 
...a gemstone, Matthew says Sapphire because they are beautiful and mystical. 
...a tree, I'm not a tree person, but I'd be a big and full tree that changes beautiful colors and provides comfort and peace for people
...a tool, Matthew says hammer because I always hammer my point. I say I'm strong willed lol
...a flower, I would be a rose, because I like class and elegance
...a musical instrument, I would be a piano or an acoustic guitar. Both provide such emotions and beauty. 
...a color, I would be coral. It's bright and fun and beautiful. Also my wedding colors hehe emotion, I would be loving
...a fruit, I would be a honeycrisp apple because they are the most amazing fruit out there! And unfortunately seasonal! :/
...a sound, Matthew says the waves of the ocean :) element, Matthew says water cause I'm soothing lol
...a car, Matthew says Lexus cause I'm fashionable! Lol apparently a champagne appetite on a beer budget! I wouldn't want the complex nor could we EVER afford a Lexus lol
...a food, I would be pasta because who doesn't like pasta???
...a place, I would be an island. I can be too independent and totally need my space lol
...a material, I would be lace or cotton! Simple, but sweet.
...a taste, I would taste like chocolate cause who are we kidding here I'm obsessed with candy and sugar. How could I not taste sweet?? 
...a scent, I would smell like a big bouquet of flowers. animal, I would be a giraffe!!!!!! And if you didn't think the same thing, we can't be friends... Just kidding. Kind of... object, I would be probably be a calendar lol I'm too organized at times!!
...a body part, I would be heart. I wear it on my sleeve!!
...a facial expression, I would be a smile.
...a song, I wouldn't even know where to start. Depends on my mood lol music is my everything! It always tells a story. item of clothing, I would be an oversized cardigan or spark skinny jeans  ;)
...a pair of shoes, I would be a beautiful pair of pumps! 

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Crystal said...

I totally laughed out loud at the tool one... And giraffe? Talk about a no-brainer!! :)