Friday, October 25, 2013

Pictures Can Say A Thousand Words

I absolutely believe that pictures can say a thousand words.
And I love that a simple picture can take me right back to a specific moment.
A feeling or a smile.
I love being able to capture something so meaningful in a second and have the ability to make it last forever.
Lately, I've had this crazy desire to just take pictures.
Tons of them.
But all I have that worth anything is my phone.
Not that it take bad pictures, it just makes it harder to really feel excited about the moment I'm trying to embrace.
Here is the thing.
I don't have a great memory.
In fact, most of my childhood is extremely vague to me.
I can look at pictures and videos, but it still doesn't always ring a bell and that makes me sad...and it makes me want to remember things now, more than ever.
I don't remember many emotions as a kid and I barely remember the 2 plus vacations we took every year, whether it was a new and fun place or just visiting family up north, I just don't have many memories.
But the pictures help.
They remind me of places and people and feelings I had around them.
They remind me of heartache and laughter, pain and love.
I don't want to forget moments.
I don't want to have to ask my family what happened when.
I don't want to just talk about something and pretend like I remember, I want to actually remember.
I want to know that I was there and feel the emotions that go along with it.
I've been able to do that a lot as I've gotten older, but without pictures, it makes it so difficult to remember anything.
I went to Disney World twice as a kid and it wasn't until I went again as a teenager and an adult that I really felt like I should have remembered feeling when I was little.
It's weird, I know, but it's also scary.
I don't want to be 40 years old and not remember my kids childhood or my wedding or my nephew and nieces being born.
So, I'm just going to keep taking pictures.
I'm going to keep writing down my life in this blog and I'm going to keep praying that God helps me embrace life everyday and fill up on all the emotions I can to remember all good and bad times.
I'd put a million pictures here, but these are most recent and you'd get bored and this blog couldn't handle all those pictures lol
Enjoy...I'll give you a rundown of each and what was going on.

Kelly's wedding was perfect and beautiful. They love each other so much and they have an amazing partnership. AND she's preggers and due in like a month! YAY
The day was freezing and pouring rain, but it made it that much more memorable and everyone had such a fun time! Her photographer had to improvise and found an old abandoned gas station so we could stand under something and not get soaked!

This face just makes my heart melt in a way I may never be able to explain or fully understand till I have my own kids. My mom and I faced time the Monkey while we were waiting on my dad having kidney stone surgery. His smile is amazing and I see so much of my sister and dad in him!

I never would have thought I'd be a stepmom someday, but I am very blessed to have this one. I hope that I can touch her life in a positive way and make an impact on her. She deserves a happy environment and a safe space. I hope I can give that to her. We took her to the walking bridge downtown and while so wined a lot about having to walk so far, we had such a fun time walking and talking about everything and nothing. Her imagination is WILD!

This one amazes me everyday. I wouldn't be who I am without her in my life and I thank God daily. She is a true angel and I adore her. We were out celebrating my second bachelorette party! WOOT! Won through a bridal show. Bowling, drinks, and some of my favorite girls!

The same can be said here. She's been my sister since the day I was born and has gone through more than anyone like her should. But she came through guns a blazing and is that much more blessed for it. 
She is a rock and such an inspiration to me. Her marriage and her family give me so much joy and set an amazing example. This is Matt and I's wedding rehearsal down at Captain's Quarters. 

My daddy. This moment I may remember forever. I know it was hard for him to say 'goodbye' to his baby girl, but I felt like he was proud of me and knew that I wouldn't let him down. 
He is someone I've looked up to since before I knew what that meant. He is an incredible man who has worked his butt off for his family. He gives so much to anyone that needs it and doesn't ask for  much in return. He's genuine and one of the hardest workers I know. He deserves his retirement!

My momma and my best friend. This is right after the ceremony. I know it was hard for her to let me go too. We are a lot alike in more ways than I can count and while we've had our moments like every mother and daughter, we always seem to come out of it a little stronger. I hope to be half the mom she was. She worked too, but still managed to raise two girls, pretty well. She became our friend, but our mother first and I love that about her. We've been able to grow together and as adults be not just family, but genuine friends who can share so many laughs and moments together. This moment was filled with so many emotions, but I love that Joe was able to capture it. 

This was just fun. It was like the first walk to our future :) But really it was to a fake limo ride around the building lol 

And our honeymoon :) This may have been the first or second night. But it was sweet and special and some random couple took our pic for us. A moment into our future as a family. 

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