Sunday, September 22, 2013

And then there were 3

I consider myself traditional when it comes to certain things.
I wanted my wedding to be pretty straight forward, in a Church, didn't see each other before, my dad walking me down the isle, prayers, readings, vows, etc.
And a reception to follow with the basics of garter tosses, first dances, cake cuttings, and all around fun.

I've always been pretty traditional in relationships as well and something that Matthew and I certainly talked about, but I'm honestly glad we didn't, was live together before we were married.
We had a fairly long distance relationship for the first two years we were together.
We had spurts of days without seeing each other and phone calls and texting was our only source of connection.
It worked fine.
It sucked at times and it was hard too, but we worked at it and made the best of the situation.
When Matthew decided to move to Louisville, we tossed around the idea of him just moving in and I think I had mixed emotions of it all.

I knew it would be tough, but I also knew that the step in our lives of marriage wouldn't have meant as much as truly starting our lives as a married couple from the wedding on.
I also knew that truly living on his own, was something Matthew needed.
It's something everyone needs and I had had that for a while.

It made him better and stronger because of it and I'm glad that we made that decision.
Financially it may not have been the smartest, just because I think renting is throwing money away, but we knew it was temporary and it really helped open our eyes to live together.
Being just a few miles down the road made it easier to see each other, have random date nights, grab ice cream or a walk without a 50 minute drive.

We still had spurts of not seeing each other though. With his work, sometimes he is gone a lot and working late for days in a row.
Honestly, the longest span we've ever been together consistently was our trip to Gatlinburg last year for about 4 days.
No joke.
We just never had the opportunity to see each other every day.
So I knew that living together was going to be different for both of us.

Me as the TV junkie, I've had to learn to let go of some of the reality shows that take up my life.
<insert sniffle here>
And I've had to adjust to sports seasons and ESPN's and a balance of time between our interests.
Surprisingly, we've clicked together pretty well.
Thankfully, we both didn't stop our lives outside of our relationship.
I got right back into painting classes, he went back to boys nights and started golfing again.
I was happy to get back to Church and Premier and getting our house in some sort of livable shape.

I don't know if you know this about me yet, but I tend to have a lot of crap stuff. I own way too many a few clothes, handbags, shoes, and decorative items.
hey after over 4 years living by myself, there really is no need to keep all that space open!
So, I didn't! :)
And I did a damn good job filling that space!

Did you all know that when you get married people are really nice and get you a ton of gifts?!
Yeah! They do!
We are/were EXTREMELY blessed.
And that means my house is now up from me and two small spunky dogs, to 2.5 people, 2 spunky dogs and a lot less space to move around.

Slowly, but surely, I've gotten things organized.
It's all about taking one corner  one room at a time.
You gotta pace yourself.
I figure I'll be able to see my kitchen floor again around Christmas...
At least today, I got Nevaeh's room to where you can actually walk in it!
Go me!
I am super proud of myself on that front.
Although it's more one half little girl the other half office, but hey, she's got her own room.
Technically :)

So, I'm starting to weed out things I don't use or need.
Next will be clothes...or maybe my, like I said one corner at a time.

Good thing Matthew was never a clothes/stuff/things kind of person or we'd be in REAL BIG trouble.
We're making it work and having fun in the process.
I'll be excited when we start looking for a house, but for now, a little cramp and clutter isn't so bad :)
We're newlyweds! At least we still like each other right??

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Crystal said...

Glad you all are figuring things out, even if space is a bit limited these days :P Maybe you should have another 'Free to Crystal' giveaway! LOL!