Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet Dottie

TELL me she is not the cutest thing next to Max and Gizmo?!?!

If you don't know...I LOVE giraffe's.
True story.
They are the best and so freaking cute!
I've always wanted one.
Another true story.
Seriously, I would so figure out a way to have one and keep them inside and train them :)
I am weird...this I already know.

My dad found this picture of Facebook and posted it on my wall. 
He clearly knows how much I love giraffe's.
He then proceeded to tell me that I could just buy the giraffe instead of my new car and while, I seriously considered it, the car is the most practical choice at this time... :(

BUT, a girl can dream, right??
And this girl jumped right into pretending this little beauty was already in my house :)
This conversation can't make this stuff up.
My mom said she wouldn't babysit unless she was pottie trained. 

Well, I have two BOY dogs, so my head went to the little beaut of a giraffe would be a boy! 
Clearly, that is not the case. 

Welcome to my family LOL 
This is how much I want a baby giraffe... 

I need to get a life! 

peace lovelies!

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