Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Don't Wanna Work Tomorrow...

SO, I actually am loving my job, as of late, but I don't wanna go back tomorrow! It's been sooo nice not having to work after work or on the weekend, when I sooo should have today, but totally didn't....

It's just gonna be crazy, so to bed early tonight!! :)

Thanksgiving was awesome :) I LOVED being able to spend more time with my monkey! And of course my family. I definitely don't see them enough, so it was a great day!
AND I failed at taking pictures. I was too busy chilling and baking and drinking. Yes, my mom AND dad lol busted out the alcohol late morning.
Be jealous of my family :) lol
They aren't lushes, promise.
It's rare these days :)
SO, we cooked and chatted and played with monkey and when my sister got home we grubbed out and chowed down!!
Ham, mashed taters, sweet potato casserole (courtesy of me!), corn, rolls, veggies, and mac n cheese!

The boys headed to see Skyfall and the ladies went to the park and Old Navy to check out the steals and deals! Got some Christmas gifts, so that was good!

We also watched Christmas vacation, which is a must for the holidays in general, but for sure in my family.
Matthew and I headed out early Friday morning to pick up the girl and head to his family that afternoon.
Another amazing meal with turkey, mashed taters, sweet potato casserole, corn, broccoli casserole, rolls, and I feel like I'm missing something, but it was all good!
And of course, the pumpkin roll! Which is pretty much one of the best things. So incredibly delicious.
Salivating to even think about lol
We headed back to Louisville somewhat early that night, think we were all tired. Sorry Buchanan family!

Saturday was spent cleaning and getting out Christmas decorations! YAHOO! My house is so festive now :)
Helped a friend move some furniture and clean out her house a bit, and then a fun couple hours at the good ole Apple store...
Yeah, you see, Matthew likes to break phone cases and so he decided that not having one is the best thing.
So, for someone who drops his phone on a daily basis and doesn't take the best care of it, it was only a matter of time... Poor phone didn't have a chance.
He was checking sports updates and dropped it right on the concrete driveway. And the back shattered.
Like shattered. I know you've seen the front screen shatter before or crack, this was the back of his phone and it literally was chipping off shards of glass.  No bueno.
SO, thankfully, he was able to fully replace it for not much at all.
Let's only hope he can keep this one working for a while :)

The day was long and stressful, that apple store is a mess! and an even bigger mess during the holidays!
WOWZA we were stressed leaving that store. Oh and I forgot to mention the 4 and a half year old who was with us, who hadn't had a nap at all and was tired and hungry.
Yeah, you get now why we headed to Mexican for a margarita??? :)
Oh, it happened! And then this girl went home and crashed! After a couple DVR shows, of course.

I am actually caught up! It's a miracle! and now nothing will be new till February and I have nothing to watch...sad day.

Today was Church, Christmas tree, making chex mix, attempt at banana chips (if anyone has a good homemade recipe, please send my way), running, and the park :)

Matthew took Nevaeh back and went home to watch football, which leaves me to catch up on blogs and Pinterest, instead of work work that I probably should be doing.
But hey. I'm not getting paid overtime, so I'll get to it tomorrow :)

This week is gonna be busy again!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!!

peace lovelies!

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Awww sounds like such a fun weekend! I think we can all agree that none of us want to go to work tomorrow :/ haha but I am definitely thankful for the days off! Oh and Christmas Vacation is my parents favorite movie of all time! haha