Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bachelorette Party = Broken Foot

I mean, what would one be, without a trip to the ER, right?!?! Hello!!
Clearly, my sister knew what was up.
Best part? No major intake of alcohol was consumed during the course of the events.
True story.

Let me begin this weekend in Waukesha & Milwaukee, WI.
My sister and I were born in Milwaukee. Who knew? :)
We still have some family up there. Not blood, but family nonetheless.
And Kelly is getting married in October. You've heard me talk about her before.

So my mom, sister, and I headed up on Friday.

1. The rest stop I NEEDED! WAY too much water and coffee. I was hurting and couldn't move or laugh.
2. Chels singing to Shoop! That's right. Just how we roll on road trips.
3. The Oasis we THOUGHT we were stopping at to pee. See #1
4. The sign getting us back on the interstate to the ACTUAL Oasis... There goes another .90 in tolls!
5. Welcome to Wisconsin! Hitting the boarder!

Many dance parties were had, stories were told, and all in all some good ole mother, daughter, sister times :)
We arrived late afternoon, checked in, did a little Packer apparel shopping and headed to visit with Kelly, her brother, sister in-law, and niece.
Who P.S. Is ridiculously adorable! And so calm!!! I love it! She is just so good!

We ordered food, had some drinks and relaxed. Many laughs were had. As usual ;)
I love this family. They are truly amazing.
Josh and Kelly are like my sister and brother and their mom was like a second mother to me.
I adore that my sister and I are so close to our Godparents and family.
This is Chelsie's Godparents and family, but they are family to all our family, just like my Godparents :) lol that was a lot of family!

Anyway, we got up Saturday morning, made a couple stops to find Packer stuff for the little Monkey and headed to the shower! Woo hoo!! The girls did an amazing job!! Shout out to the Tiffany's!

1. Precious lotion party gift
2. Candy bar party gift!! See #4 for the back! How freakin adorable?!
3. Precious pink poofs Kelly requested :) Her only one lol From Pinterest, of course!

One of the games we played was the purse game. 
And if you've met Kelly's mom, you know her purse was a Mary Poppins bag. 
Hence, where I get my purse skills from :) She taught me well. She was ALWAYS prepared! 
Like seriously, you could ask for the most random things and she would dig and find it, no questions. So, this was a perfect game for the shower. 
Sadly, I had cleaned my purse out to not carry such a heavy bag to the shower, but I did come in 3rd!! YA HOO!
OH and I showed off my mad ribbon bouquet skills...
Taking requests now...just give me a shout out. lol 
Totally kidding. She had so many Bed, Bath & Beyond ribbons, it was uncontrollable. 
I hid most of them underneath the massive bows :) 

After the shower, we headed back to the hotel, hung out a bit, changed and headed out to the Bachelorette Party!! That's right!! 
Kelly had no idea where we were going at all. Too fun. 
Kelly's MOH & best friend, Tiffany, her sister in-law, Tiffany, my sister, and me, all headed out to a restaurant called The Safehouse!
If you ever get the chance to go to downtown Milwaukee, you HAVE to go to this place!
Amazeballs is the only explanation. 
A password is required to enter. No joke. 
And because I'm so awesome, I shall tell you. 
It is.............PSYCH! I ain't telling you nothing! You must go and find out for yourself :) 
You're welcome.
I won't even tell you much about the inside, unless you are just dying, because experiencing it is SO much better!! Here is a sneak peek of the inside :) 

The random other bride at the restaurant ;) One of Kelly's challenges for the night!!

This was the 'alternate' way out :) Secret code 

The dude that told Kelly congrats, as she grabbed his behind! lol Challenge accepted and dominated! 

Couldn't leave without a picture of the Fonz!!!

Beautiful bride to be!!

AND then our plans were to head to a comedy club! 
BUT....this happened...

A broken foot.... my sister's. Crossing the street to the Comedy Club. 
True story. You can't make this stuff up. 
It happened just a walking. No major alcohol intake involved. 
Again. True story. 
And so this is what the rest of our night looked like. 
Thankfully, the comedy club was really nice and got us ice and let us use their restrooms. 
The Tiffany's went back to get the car, and Kelly, Chels, and I started making parent phone calls. 
My parents met us at the hospital and here is how the night went down. 
8:30 pm 

Chels and my momma! Just after arriving.

The Tiffany's! 

Me and Kell! 

The Bride and Bridesmaids!


And the result... 10:45ish?

5th metatarsel = broken

Non weight bearing for 2 weeks and crutches. Then partial weight bearing for maybe 4 weeks? 
Wedding is in 6 weeks, meaning, maybe a boot, maybe not...guess we'll be looking for apple green flats instead of heels!! 

We headed back to the hotel, the other girls went out, fun was had and the rest is history ;) We got ourselves up early on Sunday and I got to drive the whole way home! My butt cheeks were numb by the time we got to the bridge, but it wasn't too bad. 
Mom and Chels headed back to Nashvegas to get to the doctor on Monday and I collapsed into a nap and some grocery shopping lol 
The life! 

All in all, an awesome weekend! We had such an amazing time all weekend! Thank you ladies for putting together a wonderful bridal shower for Kelly!! So glad we were able to make it up and visit you all! 
Cannot wait till the wedding!!

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