Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Haven't done this one in SO long!!

I'm lovin....

- that my fam and I are headed up to Wisconsin this weekend for Kelly's bridal shower and bachelorette party! Woot woot!!
- my new little stink pot puppy!!

- another 4 day work week!

- that the weather is finally a bit cooler

- that I'm getting pumped for re-doing my bathroom and it's gonna happen....soon!

- that my nephew will be one. ONE!!! I cannot believe how time flies. Wow.

- that I upgraded my phone to a 4S. FOR only $36! Yeah, amazeballs. That would only be the activation fee. Target was doing a trade in special of my 4 for a 4S. Woo too! So my dad and I jumped on that! Basically, cause my mom's awesome and was in Target and asked about it, cause she had done it, and upgraded her phone, and loves us enough to tell us. 
That was a total run-on sentence. You're welcome. 

- that new fall shows will begin in September! 

- that Matt and I got to spend some time with my parents on Sunday at Graeters for deliciousness!

- that my Mollsface is settled into D.C. and classes have started for her and I hope she's loving it!! 

- that Max has been snuggling with me more at night, since I got Gizmo lol I think he is needing a little extra love. 

- that there have been some way cute outfits on Pinterest. Sadly, I cannot afford :(

- that this precious doll. Got a Build-a-Bear and named it Ashley!! LOVE her :)

What are you loving!!!

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Cassandra said...

All great things to LOVE. I think the only end of August thing I'm looking forward to is the Fall Show Premier Season.