Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recap - Basically, rambling nonsense

Quick recap, because I feel like a lots happened in the last couple weeks after Gatlinburg, and I clearly have been a horrible person, not to keep you all in the loop.

So, the week after we got back, my best friend Molly took the bar. TWO grueling days of like 12 hours of testing. WHOA. I would die.
BUT, because she is absolutely amazing and has studied her ass off for years! I know she rocked it ;) No doubt she passed and is going to be an incredible lawyer some day.
I talked to her the night of her last day and she actually seemed in decent spirits! :) I'm gonna go with her coming off the high of adrenaline.
So, she took the bar and I had a jewelry show, then we moved Matthew to Louisville! WA-HOO!
No more 'long distance' relationship. :)
I have no idea how I will feel when I know I can actually seem him more than once or twice a week.
We might get to have a normal, day-to-day, type lifestyle! It'll be weird, but a lot of fun.
I like that we can run errands together, eat dinner together, watch TV together and not have to worry about leaving to get home really early. We can leave and be home in 10 minutes. Kind of nice ;)
So, we organized and got some bedding and a new TV! lol He was so excited about that TV...
Took us like 3 hours to set everything up with the stand and all.

And then I had meetings all week lol and a dinner with a co-worker, and then my birthday!!
Matthew thought he might have to work, so he gave me my Kindle Fire early!!!
You all. If you don't have one? It's amazing. I love it. I've already downloaded 3 books and tons of apps and I adore it :) I am so thankful for that.

My parents took us out to the Cheesecake Factory! (3rd year in a row, might I add) because it's awesome!!!!!
And my parents got me amazing towels that will match the re-do of my guest bathroom :) Cannot wait for that to be done! (and I haven't started lol) and a gift card to get more cute stuff for it!! So freakin excited!
Not sure I wouldn't have started it without that little boost :) And now I'm pumped to get it done!
Gray and white stripes with yellow accents. HOLLA!!

I also got to spend half of Saturday chilling and shopping with the awesomeness of Molly!! Rockstar law student, going to get her Masters at American University! We made some serious damage and some ridiculous jokes and banter may or may not have been involved.
If hidden cameras ever caught a conversation of ours, we'd totally win any comedy reality show.
We are indescribably hilarious. We have our own little language and world we live in when together.
And I don't want to think about her moving to DC this weekend...

Last piece of exciting news? Besides the fact that my nephew is basically WALKING!
Because THAT is amazing enough to dedicate an entire post to! AND he's coming to visit for a few days :)

Matthew and I are getting a PUPPY!! Max's half brother, actually!
I've wanted another dog for a while and Max's momma just had another litter a few months ago, so it's perfect! two boys left to choose from!!

Stay tuned for the cutest thing ever!
Next to Max, of course.

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Cassandra Henri said...

I love the Cheesecake factory! I wish we had one around here :/ I want to see pics of this pup!