Friday, May 18, 2012


Too busy of a say the least. AND I still feel behind. Which means? Tomorrow? I am doing nothing from the time I wake up till I go to bed! lol That's not possible, but I am determined to have an hour or so to at least read my book.
OK, so a little recap from last weekend?
I got to see my best friends!
Kass and Andrew came in town from Boston :) YAY!
And Tina and Dustin got to come visit from Lexington, which means!
Coffee break together! I just have pics of the girls right now.
Too lazy to upload from my camera, but Dustin and Drew were there too :)
I love these girls. 
True Story.
OH and I got to spend Saturday night with Molly and her family!
Amazing weekend getting to see these girls.
Sunday was momma day!
Crappy and rainy, but still good. It was nice to spend the whole day with my parents. ;)
And I am SOOOO excited for Tina and Dustin's baby coming, basically ANY day now!
Next week will be better about posting! :)
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

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