Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Update

So, I've just been super overwhelmed lately with work and work and Church stuff and life in general.  So, naturally, some things have been neglected...Blog is one of said things. 

This past weekend, well let's start with Friday.  Thankfully, I decided to take a half day to spend some time with my sister and precious nephew, who came in town last week for a few days :)  CUTEST THING EVER!!! Seriously, best kid in the WORLD! :)

Seriously, you cannot tell me he is not freaking adorable! I'm amazed at how much I can love this little guy! Cannot imagine when I have my own kids! Totally spoiled :) 
OK, so anyway, got to spend some time with him and my parents and sister, riding out the storms that hit...I pray for those families that have lost everything...I wish so bad to be able to get off work and help with disaster relief.  I know my Church is involved with some, so maybe I can help out a little bit...

Saturday, my mom and I got up nice and early and headed downtown to run the Anthem 5K! :)

This was the before when we were still somewhat excited about running it lol   We both finished in decent times, and all was well! 
I was quickly off after the race for some work with my Church doing interviews for a couple hours :) Went well and hopefully God is leading us down the right path!

I got to spend a little time up with Matthew and Nevaeh, then off to have a girls night with my best friend Molls and her friend Danielle and boyfriend.  We went to 60 West.  Never been there, but hello we picked a good night! Saturdays are apparently $5 martini nights?? And WHY haven't I heard of this place? lol Too. Much. Fun! I love Molly.  She makes my day :) I don't get to see her much, but hopefully soon she will be moving back to Louisville!! NOW, if I could only get my others girls back in the same town :/ Unfortunately, never gonna happen. Hey, a girl can dream! I need some girl time on a regular basis...

I was so excited Sunday to get to see my friend Lauren!! Haven't seen her in months and she just had a sweet little boy in January! :) He is sooo cute!! and so good! We got to catch up and I got to meet the little guy :) So, nice! 

I was able to get some work done, cleaning, chilling, DVR watching ;) I loved it.  Sometimes I just need days/nights to myself and right now, I get a lot of those and it's good and bad lol Sometimes, I can be a super procrastinator! ha Oh, well.  

So, this week has already started out busy with work.  Lately, the past two months, I have been SWAMPED! LIke, going in early, leaving late...and that is sooo not me! lol 

Let's hope the rest of the week goes well :) And that this weekend is nice and relaxing and productive! 

Hope everyone's had a good week so far! Tomorrow is hump day! Half way there!

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Bethany said...

You must have a blast with your nephew! Such a sweet face :) And $5 martinis and friends sounds like a great night :)