Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday

AND we're back to Thursdays!

-It's OK, that I am ubber tired today.  Stopped taking my Tylenol PM's so much and I think my body is still adjusting. Meaning, the past 2-3 nights I've slept a combined 6 hours maybe? lol Oh well :)
-It's OK to be in love with coffee, right? Oh, and the show Friends? Seriously gets me through life! haha everything can be referenced to a Friends episode.  You think I lie? Ask my sister.  She knows what's going on. 
-It's OK that I really haven't had much motivation for work this week.  And it's OK that my frustration level with it has been at a high this week, too :)
-It's OK, that I really need to clean, like dust is piling up on my furniture.
-It's OK that if I just cleaned my fans for often, all that dust might not fly around as much?? No?
-It's OK that I have craved Mac n' Cheese the past 3 days.  No joke.  Best thing ever.  You never grow out of it.
-It's OK that I am going to cave and start reading the Hunger Games.  Just need to remember to ask my mom for the books!
- It's OK, that I am missing my monkey of a nephew! He is growing so freakin' fast!! He's gonna be a little by here in no time!! Cannot wait for him to be talking :)
- It's OK that I am somewhat psyched for this weekends game?? I love my cards, but I'm gonna have to say UK might just win this all.  AND I might have just lost friends for that comment
- It's OK that I have a ridiculous to-do list in life outside of work! ha
-It's OK that I am totally jamming on my business plan and scared to death about it at the same time.
-It's OK that I didn't make my bed this morning. GASP! It's kind of making me anxious, not gonna lie, but sheets need to be changed and this was the only way to get me to do it! lol

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Bethany said...

Friends re-runs always make me so happy! Good luck on your to-do list girl :)

Bethany said...
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