Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's OK Thursday

It's OK....

- That i've eaten total crap this week...
- It's OK that I've been stressing about money lately...I just can't seem to ever feel ok about it
- It's OK that I CANNOT wait to go to Boston for a few days :) A trip is desperately needed
- It's OK that I almost died running the Anthem 5K on Saturday.  True Story.  Have never felt that bad running before! GOTTA start running more regularly! Especially, if I'm going to survive the 10K and 10 miler!
- It's OK that I have been so busy, making me exhausted, and haven't been keeping up with blog reads and comments :/
- It's OK that the past few days, I have totally wished I could call in and just catch up on sleep and stuff lol
- It's OK, that I am totally excited some awesome, scary movies are coming out in the next few weeks! I LOVE SCARY MOVIES! :) AND my momma does too, which makes it that much better :) I always goes someone to go with me!
- It's OK that I haven't gotten Max or my haircut in....ummmm too long to name.  Meaning we both look just fabulous!! not...
- It's OK that I was overly, a little bit ridiculously excited that Army Wives is back on!!!!!!! SUCH an amazing show!!!

Don't have much more.... Tell me what your Ok's are!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love this so much.

and yes it is okay!!!

we are only human!

p.s. your dog is to die for.