Monday, February 20, 2012


So, it's been a crazy couple say the least.  I have just been so overwhelmed with stuff. Life, work, me, work, lol.  I feel like I'm nonstop all the time, then feel guilty for sitting an hour or two and chilling out.  There is always something to do.  Seriously, always, and that stresses this girl out!!
Work has been a mess...going in early, leaving late, bringing work home on the weekends.  Like whoa!
Then, I've got Church meetings that, of course, require outside work, and my family and Matthew and my house and Premier! 
I just haven't had the time and when I do, I am exhausted...but I want that to change.  I'm happy when I'm blogging! I love it! I love connecting with others, relating to them, making friends, learning about others lives, getting advice, laughs, anything.  I am trying to figure out my life balance.  I find sometimes I put things off because I don't want to deal with it.  Or I make other things priorities and I can't even explain it.  
But, I want to be the best at it all and I think that's maybe where I go wrong? I want to grow my business, but my fear holds me back a bit...I want to put everything into that and my house and my relationships and friendships and family.  I want to be there for everyone at anytime.  I want to make sure I'm thinking about them more.  Buy them little gifts to pick them up.  Remember little moments or things someone has said.  Check up and check in more.  Talk to everyone I love more.
Life totally gets in the way of life! ha 
So, I participated in a monogram swap! AND I think I might have missed the reveal link up :( I'm so sorry Crystal!!! I'll be posting pics! I got such a cutie as a partner and I got a sweet zebra coffee travel mug! WHOOO with some sweet green initials on it! AND adorable stationary :) 
So, letting you know I'm back. Like for reals! But, right now, I gotta watch the Bachelor. And catch up on some draft blogs, and emails (I have like 35 unread and like 20 to respond to :/) and sleep at some point.  Boy am I glad I got cleaning done this weekend! 


Ashley said...

Glad to have you back! Enjoy The Bachelor :)

lori said...

sometimes it is hard to find the balance. blogging, as much as i love it... can be overwhelming at times.

your zebra coffee mug sounds super cute! i shouldve got in on that monogram swap. i love a good monogram! ;)