Monday, January 23, 2012

My Second Job

You've probably heard me mention that I sell jewelry, on-top of my 'full-time' job.  I got into Premier last May.  A friend from my Church got me into it. And it's all kind of a whirl wind to me. I remember going to her mystery hostess show, and I was going through a lot at that point.  I went because I needed to get out.  I needed something to do, to get my mind off of everything else.  I needed God, is what it was.
I was asked to become a jeweler and I guess the rest is history. By the end of May, I had had my first training show :) Successfully; of course. lol My family and friends wouldn't not come! ha I built a few other contacts and shows after that, had some down times, and trying to find my place in the company. 
I'm an independent distributor.  No one is telling me what to do, no one is breathing down my neck if I don't have a show, If I can't work, I don't, and when I can, I do.  
It's been a learning experience. It's a job I actually don't mind working on, but it's getting in the grove of dedication enough time to it.  I work 40 hours a week, an involved in committees at my Church, which means meetings through the week, I have a boyfriend, family, and I need my 'me' time.  Oh yeah, and hopefully back into running :/ 
So, I go to trainings every month, I think I've missed a couple, but not because I wanted to! I love trainings.  They keep me motivated, they get me involved, learn something, connect with the other jewelers :) It's an amazing group of women. Seriously, I am so incredibly blessed to have gotten into this company here, in Louisville, at this time.  
This past weekend, we had a Regional Rally. Basically the northeast area gets together, in this case in Columbus, OH, and we get training on certain things, enjoy fellowship and community, laugh, sing, get inspired, and this time we got to see the new line of Spring jewelry! WOO 
I didn't know what to expect going into it though.  It's my year of first times and I was super excited. 
I drove up with my Premier mom, grandma, and aunts, lol.  We had a great time together! The training was more than I expected.  
There were over two thousand jewelers! TWO THOUSAND! and that's only in a handful of states who went! Add in those that didn't come, and the rest of the country and it is so incredible.  What's even better? It's a Christian based company.  God is first. They want nothing more than to change lives and I think they've changed every single live they've touched.  
It was overwhelming, but motivational, exciting and uplifting.  I learned so much, got to spend time with these amazing women, here others stories, and the co-founder of the company even showed up and shared with us.  
I can't go into too much detail on the internet about the company, but I wanted to share a little.  This weekend really opened my eyes and brought my heart and head back into it. I haven't had much luck getting bookings, but I also have this fear in me.  I gotta get that out and believe that I can do this.  Believe in the company and believe that this is what God wants me to do.  There is a reason I was brought into this and I thank Him for it.  
I'm ready for a new year of exciting opportunity and experience.  Some of the women are so incredibly inspiring! It blows me away! And they definitely lit a little fire in me.  
Wish me luck! And say a few prayers for me, if you remember.  This is who I'm supposed to be.  It may sound shallow to some, but fashion, helping people, putting a smile on their face, making them feel better about themselves and growing with God...that's what I'm meant to do. I just have to find my grove, my place in this world doing that...

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